Welcome to the future of telecom decommissioning and asset management with Reversys, our intelligent decommissioning portal

At TXO, we understand the critical importance of transparent and efficient data reporting in managing the lifecycle of telecom network equipment. Our commitment to sustainability and financial efficiency drives us to provide innovative solutions that not only enhance operational excellence but also contribute to the circular economy.

Reversys: The intelligent decommissioning portal

Reversys is our cutting-edge platform designed to streamline the decommissioning process of telecom equipment. This intelligent portal offers a comprehensive solution for managing decommissioning projects, ensuring that every step is meticulously tracked and reported. With Reversys, you can:

  • Automate data reporting: Reversys automates the entire data reporting process, providing real-time visibility into the status and outcomes of decommissioning activities. This ensures that all stakeholders are kept informed with up-to-date and accurate information.
  • Enhance efficiency: By leveraging advanced data analytics and reporting tools, Reversys optimises the decommissioning workflow, reducing manual intervention and increasing operational efficiency.
  • Support sustainability: Our platform supports the circular economy by facilitating the reuse and recycling of decommissioned telecom equipment, minimising waste and maximising resource recovery.

Transparent cost & revenue settlement

One of the key features of Reversys is its ability to provide transparent cost and revenue settlement. This is achieved through detailed tracking of effective raw material yields and current London Metal Exchange (LME) prices. By doing so, Reversys ensures that you receive the maximum financial return from your decommissioned assets. Key benefits include:

  • Accurate material yield reporting: Reversys calculates the exact yields of raw materials recovered from decommissioned equipment, allowing for precise valuation and revenue generation.
  • Current LME price integration: By integrating real-time LME prices, Reversys ensures that the financial settlements are based on the most accurate and current market values, enhancing profitability and financial transparency.
  • Detailed financial summaries: The platform provides comprehensive financial summaries and graphical reports, enabling easy analysis and decision-making for finance and procurement teams.

Why choose Reversys?

  • Effortless operations: With a user-friendly interface and automated processes, Reversys makes telecom asset management and decommissioning effortless.
  • Innovative solutions: As part of TXO’s commitment to innovation, Reversys incorporates the latest technological advancements to deliver superior performance and value.
  • Global reach: Our extensive network of partners and global presence ensures that Reversys can support decommissioning projects anywhere in the world, providing consistent and reliable service.
  • Data-driven decisions: Reversys leverages extensive historical sales data and real-time market information to support smarter supply and demand decisions, particularly in valuations.

Join the many satisfied clients who have transformed their telecom decommissioning processes with Reversys. Experience the benefits of automated data reporting, transparent financial settlements, and a commitment to sustainability with TXO’s intelligent decommissioning portal. For more information or to schedule a demo, please contact us.