Experts in FTTx street cabinets design & build

We understand that it can sometimes be tricky to determine which FTTx street cabinet option is the best match for your needs. While there is no straightforward playbook (as much as we’d love to share one with you), our team is here to help.

Bringing together our extensive network equipment expertise, we provide a wide range of FTTx street cabinet solutions designed to meet any deployment or expansion strategy. To save on space we can also hold stock on these items for you, storing them until the time is right for your installation.

FTTx street cabs: a 360° view

Check out this 360° view of our latest generation FTTx street cabinet. These enclosures are here to redefine your connectivity experience, housing your lightning-fast fibre optic broadband solutions, and so much more.

Choose the optimal time to power up your cabinet

Empower your network deployments with our innovative FTTx street cabinet design, equipped with a detachable power compartment. This unique feature allows the cabinet to operate independently until you are ready to power it up. This ensures that you can start providing essential services without the need for a full-scale cabinet setup right away. Here’s why we do it.

  • Sustainability – zero waste production policy with a click & connect build concept
  • Flexibility – providing full control for the project manager to manage the site build
  • Consistency – to create a coherent look to your cabinet once it’s deployed

Take a closer look

With this annotated graphic, we’ll take you on a guided tour through the heart of our street cabs, revealing the components and features that help optimise your high-speed connectivity services.

A few key features of our cabinets

  • Standard & advanced cooling solutions
  • Available in steel or aluminium
  • Powder coated grey as standard
  • Modular panel design
  • Various vent options
  • Quality filtering systems
  • Accessories for airflow improvement
  • Detachable power compartment (you can choose if positioned on the left or right)
  • Compartments can be configured to be either active or passive
  • IP55, IK10 & RC2 certified
  • Environmental & workflow monitoring

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