Experts in FTTx street cabinets design & build

We understand that it can sometimes be tricky to determine which FTTx street cabinet option is the best match for your needs. While there is no straightforward playbook (as much as we’d love to share one with you), our team is here to help.

Bringing together our extensive network equipment expertise, we provide a wide range of FTTx street cabinet solutions designed to meet any deployment or expansion strategy. To save on space we can also hold stock on these items for you, storing them until the time is right for your installation.

FTTx street cabs: a glance outside

FTTx street cabs: a look inside

Key:  Customised equipment & accessories Value add services

For us, this means offering you 3 simple options:

The ‘bare cabinet’ option

When an empty street cabinet enclosure is all you need, we’ve got you covered. We supply a wide range of racks and cabinets, available in standard sizes and layouts. From a single unit to large-scale requirements, we are ready to help you plan your next deployment.

Ready-to-go cabinet

Available in small, medium & large sizes, with all the telecommunication equipment and accessories you need to be housed inside as standard. Including:

  • Power
  • Climate control
  • Antenna
  • Batteries
  • Rectifier
  • Cable patching service (pre-assembled or flat packed) is available as an optional extra

Bespoke design, build & supply service

Your business and connectivity needs are unique. That’s why we created our bespoke service for customers looking for an end-to-end solution including design, assembling, and pre-installation. Here we’ll configure your FTTx street cabinets to meet your specific requirements including cable patching, noise & thermal management, environmental protection, and more.

We’re proud that TXO has been providing high-quality telecom products and services for thousands of clients all over the world since 2005 and continue to excel in the market. Get in touch today with one of our experts, and discover how no one quite does it like us.

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Choose to fill the bare cabinet yourself


Or try our cable patching service