We’re specialists in power, copper & singles cable recycling

Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE), or e-waste, is one of the most rapidly growing forms of waste and a global problem. According to The World Counts, it’s estimated that over 40 million tons of e-waste is generated every year. 

Broken and used telecom cables make up a troubling amount of e-waste in landfills and release toxins as they break down, harming the environment. It’s not something to ignore. Responsible cable reuse and recycling means that you can reduce your environmental impact while also generating revenue from the resale or recycling value.

How does telecom cable recycling work?

Our cable recycling solution focuses on power, copper and singles cable recycling, putting them back into use as either re-used parts or as materials for new products. This minimises e-waste impact, reduces carbon footprint, and maximises value extraction, reducing the need for mining of precious metals.

Our service includes:

  • Site clearance
  • De-installation
  • Recovery
  • Resale (wherever suitable)
  • Recycling
  • Processing

We are experts in recovering and recycling other forms of WEEE category 3: IT and telecommunications equipment too, such as printed circuit boards, backplanes, motherboards, connectors and IC chips.

Turn your surplus cables into environmentally-friendly revenue

It’s always our aim to ensure that the highest proportion of revenue is generated from our clients’ excess cable. All while ensuring minimum waste to keep materials at the end of their life out of landfill. This makes precious metals available for repurpose, reducing the demand on primary sources.

As an approved authorised treatment facility (AATF) and approved exporter (AE), we maintain industry best practices for safe and responsible cable recycling. All of our activities are carried out in line with regulatory legislation. Please visit our certifications page for more details.

Benefits of our telecom cable recycling services

  • Rapid investment recovery and convenience
  • Detailed commodity breakdown by weight
  • Large quantities of cables recycled
  • Other legacy surplus equipment can be recovered at the same time
  • Experienced with switch dilapidation and exchange dilapidation
  • All processes are fully compliant with the WEEE Directive
  • We hold a full environmental permit and waste carrier’s licence

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