Bespoke optical transceivers guaranteed to meet your needs

There is an increasing trend in customers looking to take advantage of the cost savings and flexibility that customised optical transceiver solutions can offer. Here at TXO, we’re uniquely positioned for this task. Our telecoms testing lab is well-equipped with the majority of telecom networking equipment in use worldwide. This means we can replicate your network and develop bespoke optical transceivers guaranteed to meet your unique needs.


For some customers this means providing optical transceivers that offer interoperability between legacy and current generation systems. This reduces the transceiver matrix and minimises the number of variants to reduce the costs associated with stock holding.

Just-in-time coding

Another way to unlock savings in the supply chain is provided by our code-on-demand solution whereby base modules are held centrally on behalf of a specific customer and then coded for the appropriate device according to a just-in-time methodology, tested and dispatched immediately.

BiDi optical transceivers

We are seeing increased demand for BiDi (bi-directional) optical transceivers. These products allow you to use your existing fibre network in a more efficient way. By going upstream and downstream over a single fibre using different wavelengths, you’re able to achieve double the capacity from existing fibre plant and unlock considerable cost savings.

If you’re thinking about how our customised optical transceiver solutions could help optimise your telecom network, please contact us to talk through all your options.