Save time & money with our remote hands service

In the field it’s normal for telecom networking equipment to sometimes be located in difficult to reach areas. This can make it a costly exercise for telecom operators to deploy their own people to these sites. With our professional remote hands at your service, you can outsource routine maintenance tasks to a company you can trust. Especially equipment decommissioning and physical uplift activities, which will free up your team to focus on the more strategic areas of your operations.

We offer our remote hands service capability throughout the UK, Europe, in the US and Brazil. For some customers, this service alone fulfils their requirements. For others, they choose to combine it with our asset recovery expertise to understand their inventory and generate revenue from reselling or recycling redundant network equipment.

What are the benefits of our remote hands service?

  • Increased manpower for day-to-day technical tasks
  • Freedom to focus on strategic operations
  • Enhanced productivity among in-house staff
  • Coverage in the UK, Europe, US and Brazil
  • Option to combine with asset recovery to generate revenue

Contact our team to find out more about how our remote hands service can work for you.