We’re deeply committed to sustainable telecommunication solutions

We understand that telecom network operators around the world face the constant challenge of balancing operational efficiency with environmental responsibility. By partnering with TXO and choosing green market products, you’re taking a proactive step towards not only enhancing your network’s performance but also demonstrating your commitment to sustainability.

Here are some ways we help you achieve this balance:

Green market telecom equipment: Our approach to product supply leverages the green market, a marketplace for new and refurbished telecom network equipment. It not only reduces waste but also significantly cuts down on the need for new production, which in turn decreases the carbon footprint associated with manufacturing and logistics. This is a critical step towards combating electronic waste, one of the fastest-growing waste streams worldwide.

Refurbishing and reusing: We specialise in the recovery, testing and refurbishing of telecom equipment. Our meticulous processes ensure that each piece of hardware meets rigorous quality standards, making them a reliable and cost-effective alternative to newly manufactured equipment. This extends the operational life of existing telecom infrastructure, delivering substantial environmental and financial benefits.

Asset recovery and recycling: Through our comprehensive asset recovery programmes, we decommission and recycle telecom equipment responsibly. This not only supports the circular economy but also provides our clients with financial returns on their decommissioned assets.

Global reach, local impact: With strategic locations across continents, we minimise the carbon emissions associated with transporting equipment. Our global presence ensures that we can provide local solutions, reducing lead times, transportation costs, and environmental impact.

Data-driven decisions: Leveraging extensive sales history and market data, we make informed decisions about the demand and supply of telecom parts. This allows us to efficiently match equipment with the networks that need them most, ensuring that resources are used where they can have the greatest impact.

Enabling the circular economy

Product supply is just one element of our circle of value for how we are enabling the circular economy, by maximising environmental and financial benefits, to extend the lifecycle of telecom networks globally.