Discover our world-class telecom equipment warehousing & logistics capabilities

At TXO, we pride ourselves on offering unparalleled warehousing and logistics capabilities for telecom network equipment. Our state-of-the-art facilities, and teams working across 5 continents, offer expertly managed services to ensure that your telecom equipment is stored, handled and delivered with utmost care and efficiency. Here we outline our comprehensive services and how they support the telecommunications sector globally.

Warehousing facilities

Our warehousing facilities, strategically located to cater to a global clientele, are not only about storage; they provide a joined-up approach of meticulously managed processes ensuring that every item of equipment is accounted for, preserved and ready for deployment. Key features include:

  • Closer to you: Having multiple hubs in strategic locations around the world means we don’t need to ship equipment large distances. This reduces turnaround time, lowers costs and significantly decreases CO2 emissions, positively impacting our customers’ ESG credentials and cost base.
  • Advanced security measures: Each facility is fortified with robust security protocols, including 24/7 surveillance and controlled access systems, to guarantee the safety and security of all stored equipment.
  • Climate-controlled storage: We have implemented climate control systems across our warehouses to preserve the integrity of sensitive telecom equipment, safeguarding it against environmental variables.
  • Organised inventory management: Our warehouses operate on a sophisticated inventory management system. This includes:
    • Itemised stock processes: Every piece of telecom equipment in our inventory is meticulously catalogued to allow for precise tracking, immediate retrieval and full accountability of our stock.
    • Regular stock audits: To maintain accuracy and reliability, regular audits are conducted. These audits ensure that the physical stock aligns perfectly with our inventory records, thereby guaranteeing real-time inventory accuracy.
    • Customised storage solutions: We recognise the diverse nature of telecom equipment and offer customised storage solutions. Whether it’s small components or large hardware, each item is stored in a manner that ensures the highest standards of care and efficiency.

Logistics expertise

We understand the complexities involved in the transportation of telecom network equipment. Our logistics services are designed to handle these challenges:

  • Customised shipping solutions: Whether it’s local delivery or international freight, we offer tailored shipping solutions to meet your specific requirements.
  • Compliance and documentation: Our team ensures compliance with all relevant regulations and handles all necessary documentation for international shipments, including customs clearances.
  • Real-time tracking: Leveraging advanced tracking technology, we can provide real-time updates on your equipment’s location and status during transit.

Commitment to excellence

Our dedication to providing world-class warehousing and logistics services is at the heart of our operation. We continuously update our practices and technology to stay ahead in the fast-evolving telecom industry. To find out more about our telecom network equipment warehousing and logistics services, please contact us.