What is i-JUDGE?

i-JUDGE is a sophisticated software programme that aids TXO in making informed, environmentally responsible and economically sensible decisions about whether to repair and refurbish telecom equipment or direct it toward WEEE recycling. This process supports the circular economy principles and ensures optimal resource utilisation and minimal environmental impact.

Let’s see i-JUDGE in action

Book in: The part is processed for refurbishment & resale
Check: Further research is required before a verdict is reached
Recycle: You’ll receive immediate revenue from assets deemed to have no resale value

Here’s a glimpse into how i-JUDGE works:

  • Take-all model: Through TXO’s “take-all” asset recovery model, customers don’t need to separate items before collection. Upon receipt, TXO uses i-JUDGE to identify equipment for immediate recycling when there’s no resale demand. This reflects our commitment to delivering a fully-managed, efficient asset recovery experience.
  • Extensive sales history and global stock levels: The i-JUDGE software harnesses TXO’s extensive database of sales history, covering a wide range of individual OEM product codes, including detailed information on telecom hardware equipment revisions, dating back to 2005, and aggregates this with global stock levels for smarter supply and demand decisions.
  • Proprietary algorithm: The algorithm, a closely guarded secret within TXO, is adept at making swift judgements to determine if repair and refurbishment are viable options or whether recycling the equipment would result in a better extension of the product’s life cycle.
  • WEEE recycling assessment: When repair and refurbishment are not viable, either due to excessive costs, lack of demand, or the inability to bring the equipment back to a fully functional state, i-JUDGE guides the equipment toward WEEE recycling. This decision is made in compliance with environmental regulations and aims at maximising resource recovery.

How do I access i-JUDGE?

i-JUDGE is a tool that is used internally by our teams at TXO, to complement our extensive decommissioning and recovery services.