Our i-SITE asset intelligence app is coming soon!

Developed in response to customer demand, i-SITE offers an easy way to submit, review and authorise telecom network asset recovery requests from within your organisation. Eliminate guesswork and support the circular economy with confidence.

Benefits of i-SITE

  • Pinpoint the exact location of your telecom network assets (across multiple sites)
  • Identify equipment type and volume
  • Record equipment status including data traffic and power status
  • Upload photos
  • Streamline requests from multiple stakeholders effortlessly
  • Make informed decisions & mitigate risks

Working with the world’s local partner for sustainable communication networks is now even easier!

Get started

Talk to our team about getting started with your next asset recovery campaign, and we’ll be happy to arrange a free i-SITE demo for you (as soon as the app is launched) so you can see the benefits for yourself. Or check out our fully managed asset recovery services page for more information.