Get a free trial of our transceiver modules

Here at TXO we’re committed to supplying OEM-compatible optical transceivers of the best possible quality, which is driven by our comprehensive testing regime. We are also 100% committed to our customer’s satisfaction. As a result, we have introduced our 30-day optical transceiver free trial so that you can test any of our modules (e.g. SFP, SFP+, QSFP, QSFP28 etc.) in your own network environment before you decide to purchase.

Our sampling process is simple with absolutely no obligation to buy. Get in touch and start your free trial today!

The free trial works in 3 stages:

Tell us which optical transceiver you want to try

Let us know the manufacturer-specific part number(s) you’re interested in and we’ll match it with our TXO-branded compatible version. Once you’ve selected the right optical transceiver(s) for your free trial, we will jointly agree on quantities, prices (should you decide to make a purchase after the trial ends), and how long the trial period will last (usually 30 days).

We’ll ship it out to you for you to test

We will then ship the sample(s) out to you for your evaluation. If you have any questions during your trial, our team will be happy to assist and provide full technical support at no cost to you.

You decide if you want to purchase or return the product

Our optical transceiver free trial is completely risk-free and there is no obligation to buy. As the end of your trial nears we will be in contact with you to discuss purchase or return options. If you decide that our products are right for you, send us a valid purchase order to purchase the samples. If you do not want to keep the product, let us know that you want to return them.

See the many benefits for yourself

Whether you’re already familiar with compatible optical transceivers or you’re completely new to the market, take full advantage of our free trial and begin enjoying the same functionality and performance as the name-brand optical transceivers, but at an incredibly low price. Free trial eligibility is subject to management approval.

Complete our contact form to get started with your free trial today.