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Unlock the potential of connectivity with Ciena. As a trailblazer in networking and communication solutions, Ciena empowers global networks with cutting-edge technology, driving innovation and shaping the digital future. Here you'll discover our comprehensive products and services offering, brought to you by TXO, the world’s local partner for sustainable communication networks.

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Here’s some more information we’ve learned over the years about Ciena/Nortel

Ciena/Nortel’s legacy stems from the merger between the two telecom giants, with Nortel’s Metro Ethernet Networks assets acquired by Ciena in 2010. This combination brought together Nortel’s rich history, having been founded in 1895, and Ciena’s innovative technology solutions which began in 1992. The joint force has a strong emphasis on optical and IP technology.

Ciena/Nortel is a powerhouse in the telecoms network industry, with Ciena and Nortel parts being the mainstay of critical infrastructure in many countries throughout the world. TXO is one of the premier global suppliers of legacy, used, and refurbished Ciena/Nortel optical and IP network components.


Refurbished & new Ciena/Nortel equipment

As the world’s local partner for Ciena/Nortel equipment, we offer both new and refurbished items at prices substantially reduced from the OEM list price. Our vast inventory ensures rapid delivery. In many cases, we dispatch parts the same day an order is received, significantly reducing your network downtime.

Our ESD and OEM-compliant facility is managed by a team with years of experience. All components we offer undergo stringent testing, inspection, and repackaging, and come with a comprehensive warranty.

TXO is a globally acclaimed partner in the arena of used and legacy telecom equipment. We’re affiliated with a plethora of esteemed international service providers, OEMs, and system integrators. Trust TXO for efficient and cost-effective solutions for your legacy Ciena, Nortel, and other telecom systems.

We’re committed to offering eco-friendly products and services. Our expansive inventory includes components from Nokia, Siemens, Ericsson, Marconi, Alcatel-Lucent/Nokia, and more. With access to an impressive telecoms network inventory, TXO is your trusted partner.


Ciena/Nortel compatible optical transceivers

At the forefront of testing and customising OEM-compatible optical transceivers, we extend our expertise to Ciena and Nortel optics and IP technology.

Whether you need compatibles for legacy Nortel networks or the newest Ciena technology, TXO can manufacture and thoroughly test any suitable compatibles for your network. All compatible Ciena/Nortel optical transceivers undergo detailed testing in our state-of-the-art lab, equipped with advanced telecoms systems.


Popular Ciena/Nortel platforms

As the top alternative to the OEM, TXO proudly supports our clients with an extensive range of platforms from Ciena/Nortel. We have a significant stronghold on legacy platforms which continue to be pivotal in networks globally. Some legacy platforms still receive support from the OEM, but others may not.

Our UK-based lab is well-equipped with common Ciena and Nortel platforms, including the 3960 SDS, the 6500 family, CPL and 4200 family.

Should you need support with any platform, whether to procure or repair, please reach out. We are likely to be able to assist you even if your desired platform or part is not listed on our site.


Ciena/Nortel equipment repair

No OEM supports equipment indefinitely, especially considering mergers and acquisitions. This scenario might result in e-waste as operators discard functional equipment due to a lack of OEM support. At TXO, we offer one of the most comprehensive telecom network repair services, focusing on quick network restoration.

Our preventive measures include:

  • Retrofitted modifications; enhancements for products with known design issues. For example, for parts known to allow water ingress, we have a range of modifications we can fit to resolve factory design flaws.
  • Advance replacement service; direct replacements from our inventory. No more waiting for your part to be repaired – as soon as we receive your part, we’ll ship out one from our inventory immediately.
  • Proactive component replacement; identifying and replacing components prone to failures. Even if a particular component has not yet failed, we’ll proactively replace it to ensure you won’t have to send it in for repair again in the future.

In the past year, we repaired over 12,000 parts. With extensive experience with Ciena and Nortel components, our repair centre can enhance your network’s health, reduce downtimes, and save costs.

Get in touch with TXO today for all your telecom network hardware purchasing, repair and supply needs.


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