What is i-VALUE?

i-VALUE is a bespoke software tool that TXO uses to calculate the value of your telecom equipment and provide fair and accurate valuations time after time. The algorithm is a closely guarded secret within TXO, but our ability to associate value to each item on a client’s inventory list with remarkable accuracy is something we’re renowned for.

How does the valuation process work?

i-VALUE leverages TXO’s extraordinarily large database of sales history, covering a wide range of individual OEM product codes and equipment revisions, dating back to 2005. It then cross-references the historical sale values for each part and aggregates this with current market demand, giving us a complete 360° picture for smarter supply and demand decisions, particularly regarding valuations.

Unlike some competitors, TXO, with the aid of i-VALUE, commits to realistic forecasting. We avoid over-promising and under-delivering, instead providing clients with a realistic appraisal of what can be achieved from any given batch of equipment.

What are the options if the equipment is low value?

Enabling the circular economy is at the heart of what we do. For equipment that either lacks market value or is beyond refurbishment for reuse, TXO offers WEEE-compliant recycling of these unmarketable assets. This ensures not only adherence to environmental standards but also maximises returns from the recycling of precious metals.

How do I access i-VALUE?

i-VALUE is a tool that is used internally by the staff at TXO, to complement our extensive decommissioning and recovery services.