At TXO, our robust valuation method is based on an extraordinarily large database of sales history by OEM product code (including telecom hardware equipment revision) which goes back to 2005. Our proprietary software looks back at historical sales values for individual parts and aggregates market demand for a complete 360° picture. This helps us to understand the true market value and likelihood of sale of any component in your network.

The algorithm used in the analysis of our telecom network asset valuations is kept secret but it is based on associating a value and a series of other attributes to every item on a client’s inventory list. Over time it has proven to be very accurate in predicting the eventual commercial outcome. We’ll share this data with you and use the valuations as a key part of our client review meetings – where the historic estimated values are compared to what actually happened.

Clients today are aware that some organisations with a similar business model to TXO may indulge in over-promising and subsequent under delivery in order to win short term business. Our professional approach is the exact opposite and we always seek to provide our clients with a realistic forecast in terms of what can be achieved from any given batch. We pride ourselves on providing our clients with a realistic fair market value for their telecoms equipment parts and the algorithm used for analysing telecoms network asset valuation is fully explained and utilised.

Where equipment has no market value, or cannot be refurbished for return to service, we offer a comprehensive WEEE recycling service. As Europe’s leading recycler of telecoms equipment, processing over 250T per month, we are able to extract maximum residual value for component parts broken down in our processing facilities.