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Alcatel-Lucent and Nokia merged in 2016 to create a global leader in networking and communications technology. This partnership combined the duo's expertise in mobile, fixed, IP and optical networks, enhancing their capacity to innovate and serve the evolving demands of the digital era. Here you'll discover our comprehensive products and services offering for this OEM, brought to you by TXO, the world’s local partner for sustainable communication networks.

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Here’s some more information we’ve learned over the years about Alcatel-Lucent / Nokia

Alcatel has a lineage dating back to its origin in France in 1898. Lucent Technologies emerged in the United States in 1996, spinning off from AT&T’s Bell Labs. The two merged in 2006, capitalising on Alcatel’s European presence and Lucent’s North American stronghold. They collectively offered a diverse range of telecommunication products, from fixed telephony equipment and IP technologies to optics and wireless equipment.

Nokia, meanwhile, emerged as a dominant player in the mobile phone industry. In 2016, Nokia acquired Alcatel-Lucent. This acquisition positioned Nokia as a formidable player in end-to-end network solutions worldwide. At TXO, we are one of the leading suppliers of a huge range of new, used and legacy Alcatel, Lucent and Nokia equipment.

Refurbished & new Alcatel-Lucent/Nokia equipment

TXO is the world’s local partner for both Alcatel-Lucent and Nokia equipment, offering both new and refurbished items at prices up to 90% lower than the original cost. With our extensive global inventory, we ensure rapid delivery, often dispatching replacement parts on the same day, reducing network downtime significantly.

Every piece of equipment we offer undergoes a rigorous inspection and repackaging process in our ESD and OEM-compliant facility, all overseen by our expert team. Each item is also accompanied by a comprehensive warranty. As a globally recognized and certified partner in used telecoms, TXO collaborates with a myriad of prestigious global service providers, OEMs, and systems integrators. You can trust TXO for timely and cost-effective expansions or maintenance of your Alcatel/Lucent and Nokia networks.

Our commitment is to deliver only top-tier and eco-friendly products, all priced competitively, ensuring you get the most value. Our extensive portfolio features reputable brands such as Nokia, Siemens, Nortel, Ciena, Ericsson, Marconi, Alcatel, and Lucent, to name a few. Boasting nearly a million parts in stock, and access to eight million more via our partners, TXO’s telecom inventory is one of the world’s largest. We’re proud to offer this extensive range to our clients.

We’ve got all the Alcatel-Lucent/Nokia platforms you need

As the number 1 alternative to the OEM, we’re proud to supply and repair an extensive range of Alcatel/Lucent-Nokia platforms. Many of the back catalogue of Alcatel/Lucent and Nokia platforms are still supported by the OEM, but some are not. TXO has repair capability for a huge range of Alcatel/Lucent and Nokia platforms, and we can provide shelves configured to your requirements, or individual line cards for spare part needs.

TXO also offers functionality testing as an additional service, and our UK-based test lab is equipped with common platforms such as the 7450, ISAM, 7750 and the 1660SM. Please check the dedicated Alcatel/Lucent/Nokia platform page for the full list.

If there is a platform that you would like our support with but is not on this list, please get in touch – as it’s likely we’ll still be able to help you with it.

Alcatel-Lucent/Nokia compatible optical transceivers

TXO is at the cutting edge of coding, testing and customising Alcatel-Lucent/Nokia compatible optical transceivers. We can provide a huge range of compatibles for modern as well as legacy and end-of-life applications for a range of different platforms.

All our Alcatel-Lucent/Nokia compatible optical transceivers are tested at our 5,000 ft2 testing lab equipped with the full range of telecoms domains including IP routing and switching, DWDM, SDH and OTN optical transmission, distance verification and access equipment for GPON.

Additionally we have significant expertise and experience in testing niche and legacy end-of-life equipment, meaning that no matter your requirements, we are able to manufacture and fully test appropriate compatibles for your network.

Alcatel-Lucent/Nokia equipment repair

It’s an unfortunate fact that no OEM supports their equipment forever, and this is even more the case with OEMs that have acquired or inherited a back catalogue of products through acquisitions, such as in the case of Alcatel-Lucent/Nokia. Unfortunately this can lead to a lot of functional equipment being needlessly disposed of, as the operator finds that as equipment begins to fail, the manufacturer will not repair it.

OEM support for legacy products is often either not cost-effective or in some cases, even an option. At TXO, we offer an extensive telecoms repair service

In addition, our offering is leagues ahead of the competition due to the fact that we’re 100% focused on getting you back up and running as quickly as possible. As such, we take a number of pre-emptive actions, including:

  • Retrofitted modifications; for design flaws such as parts that allow water ingress, we can make modifications to overcome defects, again meaning that the part does not need to come back in for repair.
  • Advance replacement service; direct replacements from our inventory. No more waiting for your part to be repaired – as soon as we receive your part, we’ll ship out one from our inventory immediately.
  • Proactive component replacement; we’ll replace components that are known to fail, which can reduce the need for the part to be repaired again in the near future.

With over 12,000 parts repaired just last year, and a wealth of expertise in repairing the Alcatel-Lucent/Nokia back catalogue, TXO’s comprehensive repair centre can help improve your network health, reduce downtime and save you money.

Get in touch with TXO for all your telecom network hardware support, supply and repair needs.

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