Expert telecom network de-installation & decommissioning services

The deployment of new telecom network technologies means that older legacy networks can become more expensive to operate and maintain. As a result, de-installation and decommissioning is a growing topic of interest for our customers. Whether you are upgrading, reacting to changes in corporate infrastructure (such as mergers, acquisitions, relocations or downsizing), or removing kit from certain manufacturers, our team of asset recovery engineers is here to help.

How does it work?

We are experts in managing complex reverse logistics programmes for the telecoms industry. This industry experience has yielded substantial insights for us into best practice for telecom network de-installation, telecom surplus recovery and the decommissioning and recovery of old or obsolete telecom network equipment, maximising your returns. As well as the clear financial benefit, asset recovery elongates the lifespan of equipment and supports your company’s CSR goals.

As part of our service, we’ll collect and categorise your telecom equipment to part code, serial number, description and hardware revision level. This inventory will then be made available to you via i-TRAC (our user-friendly online asset management tool), allowing you to view your telecoms equipment inventory 24/7 and request call-backs.

Why choose us for your network de-installation?

  • Our highly skilled de-installation team ensures the safe and efficient decommissioning and removal of your redundant network hardware
  • Project management is included i.e. planning of sub-contractors, security clearances, approvals, site permissions and site reporting
  • We’ll come to site well-prepared i.e. people with the right training and skills, the necessary tools, suitable vehicles and specialist access equipment – proper handling and transportation preserves the value of your assets for redeployment and/or resale
  • Accessing geographically challenging sites is not a problem. We routinely deal with remote base stations and rooftop switch sites, plus greenfield, cabin and power plant removals
  • You’ll get complete control and visibility over your technology assets, down to part and serial number level, allowing you to make adjustments to your fixed asset register and balance sheet
  • We can provide secure storage in our warehousing facilities until your equipment is resold or recycled

Key benefits to your business

  • Taking advantage of our services means that you can reduce your CAPEX from understanding your inventory and generate revenue from reselling or recycling your redundant network equipment
  • Having a sustainable and responsible approach to asset disposal avoids the need to abandon or stockpile obsolete equipment
  • Recovered parts can be sold through our asset resale program, giving you revenue and off-setting any de-installation costs
  • You’ll have a call back facility – every part that you’d like us to ship back to you will be physically checked, labelled and boxed in OEM compliant, ESD packaging
  • The i-TRAC customer portal provides you with a visible audit trail for asset tracking
  • Projects will be fully compliant with local health and safety, environmental and WEEE directives; view our certifications & memberships page for details

For further information about our de-installation and decommissioning services please contact us.