Setting the global standard in network auditing

In today’s dynamic telecommunications environment, maintaining a robust and efficient network infrastructure is crucial. At TXO, we offer a comprehensive network audit process designed to optimise performance, enhance reliability, and ensure compliance with industry standards. Our expert team meticulously examines every aspect of your network, from health and safety requirements to equipment verification, ensuring that all components function seamlessly.

With a focus on sustainability and financial efficiency, our audits help extend the lifecycle of your telecom assets while supporting the circular economy. Find out more about our expertise below.


Health & safety requirements identified

Ensuring the safety and well-being of all personnel is paramount during network audits. We meticulously identify and address any health and safety requirements, ensuring compliance with all relevant regulations and standards. This includes conducting risk assessments and implementing necessary safety measures.

Identification of live/dead circuits

Our audit process includes a thorough identification of all live and dead circuits within the network. This step is crucial to prevent any accidental outages and to ensure accurate network mapping.

Circuit utilisation analysis

We perform a detailed analysis of circuit utilisation to optimise network performance and efficiency. This involves assessing the current load on each circuit and identifying opportunities for load balancing and redundancy.

Core & edge network services

Our audit encompasses both core and edge network services, ensuring a comprehensive evaluation of the entire network infrastructure. This includes the assessment of routers, switches, and other critical components.

Fibre, microwave, radio

We examine the various transmission mediums within the network, including fibre optic cables, microwave links, and radio frequencies. This ensures that all communication channels are functioning optimally and are appropriately utilised.

Customer/billing data

Customer and billing data are reviewed to ensure accuracy and alignment with network services provided. This helps in identifying any discrepancies and ensuring that billing is accurate and fair.

Equipment alarm verification

Verification of equipment alarms is a critical part of our audit process. We check all alarms to ensure they are functioning correctly and providing accurate alerts for network issues.

OLO audit & verification

We conduct audits and verifications of other licensed operators (OLO) to ensure compliance and proper integration within the network. This includes checking for proper licensing and operational standards.

Physical audit

A physical audit of the network infrastructure is conducted to verify the condition and placement of hardware. This includes inspecting hardware, circuits, ODFs, and power feeds to ensure they are in good working order and properly documented.

Validate inventory systems

Our audit process includes validating inventory systems to ensure that all network assets are accurately recorded and managed. This involves checking inventory records against physical assets.

Confirm equipment and circuit status

We confirm the status of all equipment and circuits to ensure they are operational and correctly configured. This includes capturing equipment/network IDs, circuit, and ODF details.

Capture equipment/network IDs, circuit & ODF details

Detailed records of equipment and network IDs, circuits, and ODF (optical distribution frame) details are captured to maintain an accurate and up-to-date inventory of network assets.

Space, power, copper/fibre

We assess the space, power, and copper/fibre resources within the network to ensure they are adequate and optimally utilised. This includes evaluating M&E (mechanical and electrical) equipment and identifying any dilapidation requirements.

Access / H&S

Access to all network sites, data centres, and central offices is managed with a focus on health and safety. This ensures that all personnel can perform their duties safely and efficiently.


  • Audited over 1,000 network sites, data centres, and central offices.
  • Completed over 20,000 rack, equipment, and cable audits.

Our comprehensive network audit process ensures that your network operates efficiently, safely, and in compliance with all regulatory standards. Trust TXO for all your network auditing needs.