Marconi ceased operations in 2006. Some of the assets such as OMS range were transferred to the Ericsson portfolio. However, spare parts for many of the legacy platforms can be hard to find. TXO typically stocks a good range of spare parts for the platforms displayed below. For example cross connects from the MSH family are still widely used and therefore spare parts are wanted by operators who wish to continue using this platform.

For the MSH platform we have found that clients commonly request 131-8828/XX and we are almost always able to assist with the supply of this STM-16 card. In addition Marconi SMA 16 Optical is a platform that TXO typically holds in stock including the transponder card 1HAK60573CBD and 1HAK60573CCV which is generally available from TXO while stocks last. Please check at the time of ordering for the latest pricing and availability.

PlatformLong FormCategory
AxH SeriesAccess Hub Concentrator, MSANAccess solution ATM/IP using DSL
MSH11CMSH11CSTM Mux/ regenerator/ cross connect
MSH41CMSH41CSTM Mux/ regenerator/ cross connect
MSH51CMSH51CSTM Mux/ regenerator/ cross connect
MSH63MSH63STM Mux/ regenerator/ cross connect
MSH64MSH64STM Mux/ regenerator/ cross connect
MSH64CMSH64CSTM Mux/ regenerator/ cross connect
MSH84MSH84STM Mux/ regenerator/ cross connect
MSH86MSH86STM Mux/ regenerator/ cross connect
OMS 1200Optical Multi Service 1200Optical Multi Service 1200
OMS 1600Optical Multi Service 1600MSPP
OMS 3200Optical Multi Service Core SwitchMulti Service Transport Platform (MSTP)
OMS 800Optical Multi Service 800MSPP for customer premise (CPE)
PLA SeriesPLA 40/80DWDM
SMA Series 3SMA Series 3Add Drop Mux (ADM) STM 1, STM 4
SMA Series 4SMA Series 4Add Drop Mux (ADM) STM 1, STM 4
SMA 16SMA 16Add Drop Mux (ADM) STM 16 Optical
SMA 64SMA 64Add Drop Mux (ADM) STM 64 Optical
System XSystem XPublic Switch/Telephone Exchange/ PSTN
MDRSMarconi Digital Radio SystemMicrowave Radio

TXO is a completely independent re-seller and has no association with Marconi or related organisations.