The Marconi family of PDH products includes CMUX, CMUX+ and CMUX2. These products are used for access and transport within the telecom network. It can be challenging to find spare parts for this product range and so repair is a compelling option. PDH stands for Plesiochronous Digital Hierarchy which is a form of TDM ( time division multiplexing). This works by allocating signals to be transmitted a fractional timeslot over the transmission medium in an alternating pattern.

TXO has reference systems for the CMUX family of products which are used to fault find and to test cards following repair to confirm satisfactory function. In addition to this our repair centre is able to provide card refurbishment whereby components known to be susceptible are replaced on a pre-emptive basis. This means that over time outages and therefore engineer call outs are reduced leading to improved business performance. Where this equipment is located in an outdoor cabinet TXO can also retrofit devices to prevent water and pest ingress.

Marconi CMUX suite in the TXO repair centre


To discuss your needs for repair of equipment belonging to Marconi PDH equipment families such ass CMUX, CMUX+ and CMUX2 please contact us.

TXO has no formal affiliation with Ericsson  in relation to repair services.