Marconi MSH64C Multiservice Switch: a high-capacity optical switch for outer core and metro applications.

TXO stocks one of the largest selections of parts and components for the Marconi MSH64C Multiservice Switch. We also offer a repair and refurbishment service for many components of the wider Marconi range as well as offering ongoing help and advice to maintain your existing Marconi network equipment. 

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Availability & shipping for the Marconi MSH64C

At TXO we have one of the largest selections of Marconi MSH64C components available to order immediately with fast shipping available. Most Marconi parts will be dispatched immediately on receipt of purchase order and delivered within 1-3 days in the UK and 3-5 days for international delivery. Contact us today to get an exact quote and estimated delivery times for your order.

About the Marconi MSH64C Multiservice Switch

The Marconi MSH64C Multi-Service Switch was a high-capacity optical switch produced by British telecoms company, Marconi. Designed to operate in outer core and metro applications it gave network operators high levels of operational flexibility by providing high capacity switching of up to 80 Gbit/s. It featured a range of advanced features such as OTN switching, data support, and ASTN/ASON control plane architecture utilising GMPLS protocols. These features made the Marconi MSH64C a flexible and versatile platform for medium to enterprise level businesses. 

Utilising a Generic Framing Protocol (GFP) to map data services via VC-4 adapters, the Marconi MSH64C further allowed these VC-4s to be added or removed from the platform to adjust bandwidth as required based on the needs of the business. This gave network operators considerable degrees of flexibility when planning their network requirements and how to best utilise the abilities of the platform. 

With a range of service features combined with high data transfer capacity, the Marconi MSH64C allowed a single chassis to serve as a robust metro point platform, delivering SDH, Ethernet, and wavelength services utilising OTN interfaces. Moreover, the data NTE feature enabled the extension of managed Ethernet services directly into the customers’ equipment rooms.

The Marconi MSH64C was an ideal network switching solution for businesses where space was limited. It featured a high port density meaning a single chassis was capable of supporting up to 4 x STM-64 or 32 x STM-16 gigabit ethernet ports, 196 x STM-4 or 192 x STM-1 ports or variations on all these. 

The Marconi MSH64C provided flexible interfaces to support Fast/Gigabit and 10Gigabit Ethernet, ESCON, FiCon, and Fiber Channel ethernet which is supported through a range of pluggable optical modules allowing high rates of data throughput. This data capability was further enhanced by an optional Ethernet aggregation plug-in that was capable of providing 20 Gbit/s and Layer 2 ethernet switching. This plug-in allowed data services to be aggregated before being mapped into VC-4s, helping to save network operators considerable time during the initial network set-up. V Packet-over-SDH (PoS) IP traffic and ATM traffic were also supported on standard interfaces through VC-4 adapters.

The Marconi MSH64C was managed by the NEM-EM/NM and Powered by Marconi’s ServiceOn solution that gave network operators greater degrees of network management and allowed them considerable oversight of the network as a whole, offering them network-wide performance monitoring and rapid fault identification. This meant they could identify and repair faults remotely which helped to minimise the need for site visits by engineers.

In 2005, Marconi was purchased by Swedish telecoms company Ericsson. After that point, hardware and software support for the Marconi MSH64C was stopped by the OEM. However, TXO is still able to service and repair existing Marconi Network equipment and source replacement components as necessary.  It is worth noting that many component parts for the Marconi MSH64C are still available through TXO, but are branded under the Ericsson name. 

Marconi MSH64C component list

At TXO we have a range of refurbished parts available for the Marconi MSH64C Multiservice Switch, contact us today to find out more information.

Part NumberDescription
02HAT00072CBX80G switch fabric for the Marconi MSH64C
02HAT00105AAT10 X 1GE/FE LINE CARD for the Marconi MSH64C
02HAT00072CBXBattery interface for the Marconi MSH64C


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Repair capability for the Marconi MSH64C

As part of our mission to support the circular economy and to help minimise the environmental impact of telecoms across the supply chain, TXO offers an extensive and comprehensive third-party repair service that focuses on lifecycle management across a wide range of products and components for the Marconi MSH64C Multiservice Switch as well as other Marconi networking equipment. 

Based out of our advanced engineering facilities in Solihull, our team of experienced system engineers have an in-depth knowledge of core telecom repairs including optical, IP and radio based technologies at circuit board level and conduct approximately 12,000 repairs each year. This ensures the businesses we work with can maintain optimum service levels and minimise disruption to their network. At TXO we are able to refurbish and restore many components for the Marconi MSH64C Multiservice Switch alongside many others from the wider Marconi range.

To help ensure the longevity of the repairs we carry out and the overall life of your Marconi networking equipment, we will often conduct several pre-emptive repairs as part of the service we offer. By reconditioning and repairing parts that are susceptible to developing faults we can help prevent any future repairs by refurbishing parts before issues develop.  

For occasions where you need minimal downtime, we also offer an advanced replacement service for many Marconi parts, which allows us to deliver components to you in advance of a repair being carried out, allowing you to ensure that there is minimal disruption to your business.

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Technical specifications for the Marconi OMS840

GeneralThis equipment is designed to meet the appropriate sections of ITU-T Recommendations
G.691, G.707, G.709, G.782, G.783, G.784, G.823, G.825, G.826, G.957 and G.958.
Switch80 Gbit/s, dual-technology, SDH/OTN, full-connectivity, fully non-blocking switch fabric
VC-4, VC-4-4c, VC-4-16c and VC-4-64C SDH cross-connections
ODU-1 and ODU-2 OTN cross-connections
Layer 2 Ethernet aggregation plug-in (20Gbit/s, VLAN/MPLS-based routing)
STM-1 electrical16 port
STM-1 optical16 port, S1.1, L1.1, L1.2/L1.3
STM-4 optical8 port, S4.1, L4.1, L4.2/L4.3
STM-16 optical2 port and 4 port, S16.1, L16.1, L16.2/L16.3
STM-64 opticalI64.1r, I64.2r, S64.2, L64.2b, L64.2c
Coloured interfacesSTM-64 (50 GHz spacing)
Gigabit Ethernet4 port, 1000BaseSX, 1000BaseLH or 1000BaseZX (IEEE 802.3z)
8-port flexible Fast/Gigabit/10 Gigabit Ethernet, ESCON, FiCon, Fiber Channels interface
Optical connectorsLC and SC type
Element manager interfaceProprietary Q interface between a gateway network element and the element manager,
improving bandwidth utilization.
Qecc Protocol to ITU-T Recommendation G.784 for use of DCCs.
Local terminal interfaceITU-F interface V24 to IBM-compatible PC
Inputs2048 kHz timing signal to G.703 Section 13, 2 Mbit/s HDB3 to G.703/G.704.
Outputs2048 kHz to G.703 Section 13, 2 Mbit/s to G.703/G.704
Supply voltage-48V to -60V DC nominal
Mechanical arrangementSubrack housed in ETSI 300 119 rack
Dimensions280 mm (deep), 535 mm (wide) and 764 mm (high)
EnvironmentThe equipment will operate to ETS 300 019 Class 3.2
Radiated susceptibility to EN 50082-2 (10 V/m)
Conducted, radiated and electrostatic discharge, susceptibility and conducted and radiated
emissions to the worst-case limits of EN 300 386-2 for high-priority traffic
Optical safety to EN 60825- 1& 2, ITU-T G.664/G.958
Electrical safety to EN 60950

A datasheet is no longer available from the OEM for this product. For a full datasheet for the Marconi MSH64C please see the following archived datasheet. please contact us if you require more information.

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