These days almost all networking equipment connects using ethernet. The Juniper MX2K family comprises very large ethernet routers providing both layer 2 ( switching) and layer 3 (routing) services. They are common network elements in both Content Service Provider networks  as well as in the more traditional telecom companies. The MX2010 and MX2020 can operate in both the edge and also the core network.

The main difference between the two models is the MX2010 can have 10 line cards, 8 switch fabric cards (SFB and SFB2 enhanced)  and 2 routing engines, whereas the MX2020 can have 20 line cards. The line cards in Juniper terminology are known as Modular Port Concentrators ( MPC) and accommodate the Modular Interface Cards (MIC). In this way the router provides the massive port density the customer requires in terms  of both 10G and 100G interfaces. In the MX960 overall system management is provided by the SCB card however in the MX2K this is provided by the control board (CB) and switch fabric board (SFB) together,

Juniper MX2010 Router Repair Services

The TXO repair centre is equipped with an MX2010 router and is able to provide circuit board level diagnostics and repair of individual cards as well as power supply and distribution modules and fans. The reference system is used for diagnostics and to confirm proper function post circuit board repair intervention.


MX2010 Juniper Router in the TXO repair centre


To discuss your needs for repair of boards belonging to the Juniper MX2010  system please contact us.

TXO has no formal affiliation with Juniper in relation to repair services.