Juniper MX960

Juniper MX960: powerful, reliable and secure

TXO supplies refurbished and preowned telecom network equipment from all OEMs. What’s more, we can conduct repairs, supply hard-to-find spares and offer extremely quick turnarounds worldwide. With over one million products in stock on our premises, we can supply the Juniper MX960, and other products in the Juniper MX960 Family (MX960, MX480, and MX240) quickly and affordably.

Platform details

The MX960 deploys world-class performance and scale to improve a wide range of critical revenue-generation applications. The MX960 is a proven platform across cable, mobile and data centre networks. The SDN-enabled MX960 Universal Routing Platform is a highly scalable modular chassis-based platform that has been designed for agility to keep up with the rapidly evolving market conditions with ease. Powered by the Junos operating system and programmable Trio 5 silicon, it is perfect for consolidating networks and services.

The MX960 supports high-speed transport, flexible Ethernet (FlexE), diverse Layer 2, Layer 3 VPN services and advanced broadband network gateway (BNG) functions. Beyond that, the MX960 offers extensive edge functionality and integrates seamlessly with standards-based SND controllers. Security-wise, built-in MACsec encryption protects 10/40/100 GbE with no performance penalties, and edge threat intelligence detects and blocks malicious traffic.

The MX960’s 14 slots can accommodate a huge amount of hardware, from 11 DPCs or MPCs to six FPCs and two SCBs. In all, it provides 480 Gbps of switch fabric capacity per slot. The Juniper MX960 guarantees efficient, adaptable performance in a highly scalable design – perfect for providers who need versatile, responsive hardware for their cable, mobile and data centre networks. Surprisingly, despite the huge amount of performance on offer, the unit is just 16 rack units tall – so three can fit in a single floor-to-ceiling bracket.


System capacity Up to 12 Tbps
Switch fabric capacity per slotUp to 1.5 Tbps
DPCs and/or MPCs per chassisUp to 11
LMICs and REs per chassisN/A
Chassis per rack3
Dimensions (W x H x D)17.37 x 27.75 x 28 inch (total depth includes standard cable manager measurements) 44. x 70.49 16U x 71.1cm
Maximum weight334lb / 151.6kg
MountingFront or center
Power optionsAC/SC: -40 to - 72 V DC 10040 V AC
Operating temperatures0-104F (0-40C) at 6000 feet
Humidity5-90 percent non-condensing
Altitude No performance degregation to 13,000 ft/ 4000m

For even more platform details, see the Juniper MX960 datasheet.

Juniper MX960 router repair services

The Juniper MX960 router can be repaired at our repair centre. This device is an Ethernet router for the network edge whereby it is connected to the core network routers on one side and external network devices on the other. It is used all over the world by Telecom Companies and large enterprises. It is a large 16 RU ( rack unit) chassis and it has 14 slots. These slots can be filled with large carrier cards which are variously known as DPC ( dense port concentrator), FPC (Flexible PIC Concentrator) or MPC (Modular Port Concentrator).

The FPC and MPC are then populated with the PIC (Physical Interface Card ) and MIC (Modular Interface Card) the function of these are the same, to provide the physical interface and to handle packet forwarding. MPC/MIC is a later generation. The chassis also contains the SCB (Switch Control Board) which manages the data between all the line cards mentioned above, manages the overall system and chassis and also it houses the routing engine. 100 Gbps is supported using pluggable optical modules of various generations from CFP to QSFP28 as is Ethernet, SDH and ATM protocols. The main competitor product line is the Cisco ASR portfolio. The system was followed by the later MX2010 and MX2020.


Juniper MX960 reference system in the TXO repair centre


The TXO repair centre is able to repair cards belonging to the Juniper MX960. Our service includes diagnostics and fault find, repair intervention and subsequent testing in the reference system post-repair. Our repair centre is also able to repair the power supplies belonging to the MX series routers.

Note that the reference system is equipped with enhanced power supplies and fans as well as SCBE2 and high spec routing engine in order to run later cards such as multi-rates eg. MPC7E-MRATE. Our routing engine is the RE-S-1800X4-16G. We can also help with the repair of smaller CPE devices such as the EX3300 switch.

Sample of cards supported at our repair centre

Part Code Juniper Reference Description
MPC7E-MRATE 750-056519 Multi Rate card 10/40/100


To discuss your needs for repair of boards belonging to the Juniper MX960 system please contact us.

TXO is a leading authority on networking parts availability and our breadth of experience and extensive product knowledge allow us to help our customers maintain their networks with platforms such as the Juniper MX960.

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