The Juniper M320 is an EOL (End Of Life)  multi service edge router which is still in use in large carriers networks such as AT&T. It has 16 10G / STM-64 / OC-192 PICS per chassis. The PICs are compatible and interchangeable across the range of M40, M120, T320 and T640.

TXO has a M320 chassis operating in our repair centre and we are able to perform circuit board level repairs to the FPC’s (Flexible PIC Concentrators) as well and the individual interface modules that plug into them, known as PICs plus power modules, fans and routing engines. The system was superseded by the MX960.

Juniper M320 Router Repair Services

Juniper M320 Router in the TXO repair centre


Example items from the Juniper M320 Router that can be repaired by TXO



To discuss your needs for repair of equipment belonging to the Juniper M320 Router please contact us.

TXO has no formal affiliation with Juniper in relation to repair services.