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When data security is a priority for your business it makes sense to go to a partner with specialist expertise. In this project we helped a health, beauty & pharmacy retail chain to take control of their data-bearing equipment so that it could be tested, resold and reused.


Our customer – a UK retailer with around 2,500 branches nationwide – owned huge amounts of data bearing devices, including laptops and EPOS systems, that they wanted to be sustainably repurposed without risk of their data falling into the wrong hands.

Previously the customer had temporarily lost some of their own equipment whilst it was being returned from site. Although their parts were eventually found, the equipment wasn’t catalogued, making reuse impossible with zero audit trail. In addition to this, there were no avenues to test for functionality when the parts were found. This bad experience led the customer to seek the expertise of a professional asset management partner who could securely recover their data-bearing equipment with complete transparency. Wiping all traces of data from the equipment, so that it could be tested, resold and reused safely.


We were able to offer a complete collection, catalogue and resell recycle solution.

During the process, we identified all of the data bearing devices, ring fenced them and put them into the quarantine zone. The data-bearing devices that were deemed viable for resale underwent our industry-leading Blancco data wiping service. Here the devices were formatted using Blancco software to completely remove any data, enabling them to be refurbished to a great condition and resold to the global resale market. The equipment that held no value or was unfit for resale was recycled to generate further revenue for the customer.

Throughout the journey, our customer had complete visibility of their stock and any parts that were required for internal reuse could be called back using iTRAC – our online asset management portal.

By using iTRAC, the required parts could be picked from their location, physically inspected and tested in the TXO lab for functionality. From here parts could be returned to the customer’s desired location for reuse.


After recovery and collection, we were able to deliver all the parts to one secure location. We catalogued the equipment and made it available for the customer to view through the online portal. All data-bearing devices were stored in a secure caged area within our facility at no data exposure risk, which left the customer feeling secure with their partner choice. Where the customer chose this option, selected equipment was either wiped or destroyed and backed by a certificate of destruction.

From a commercial perspective, the revenue generated from reselling or recycling the customer’s unwanted equipment covered all of the costs of data destruction and disposal.

The additional revenue that remains after costs have been deducted can be credited back to the customer or used for additional TXO services. This includes decommissioning projects and making equipment purchases to support other infrastructure/networks across the customer group.

Product/service used

  • Data wiping
  • Data destruction
  • Decommissioning services
  • Resale services
  • Recycling services