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Discover Huawei, a global leader in information and communication technology solutions. With a rich history of innovation and excellence, Huawei connects the world through cutting-edge technology. Here you’ll discover our comprehensive products and services offering, brought to you by TXO, the world’s local partner for sustainable communication networks.

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Here’s some more information we’ve learned over the years about Huawei

Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. was established in Shenzhen, China, in 1987. Over the years, Huawei has established a strong global presence with its cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions. The company has always been at the forefront of telecommunication innovations, providing a diverse range of products, from mobile and fixed broadband networks to consultancy and managed services.

By 2016, Huawei had already emerged as a leading global provider of information and communications technology solutions, powered by its commitment to continuous innovation. At TXO, we are one of the leading suppliers of a vast array of new, used, and legacy Huawei equipment.


Refurbished & new Huawei equipment

TXO is the world’s local partner for Huawei equipment, offering both new and refurbished items at prices up to 90% lower than the original cost. With our vast global inventory, we ensure rapid delivery, often dispatching replacement parts on the same day, considerably reducing network downtime.

Every piece of equipment we offer undergoes a strict inspection and repackaging process in our ESD and OEM-compliant facility, all overseen by our expert team. Each item also comes with a comprehensive warranty. As a globally recognised and certified partner in used telecoms, TXO collaborates with a plethora of esteemed global service providers, OEMs, and systems integrators. You can trust TXO for timely and cost-effective expansions or maintenance of your Huawei networks.

Our commitment is to deliver only top-tier and eco-friendly products, all priced competitively, ensuring you receive the best value. Our extensive portfolio features notable brands such as Huawei, Siemens, Nortel, Ciena, Ericsson, Marconi, and many others. With nearly a million parts in stock and access to eight million more through our partners, TXO’s telecom inventory stands out as one of the world’s largest.


Popular Huawei platforms

As the number 1 alternative to the OEM, we’re proud to supply and repair an extensive range of Huawei platforms. While many of the Huawei platforms are still supported by the OEM, there are some that are not. TXO has repair capability for a vast range of Huawei platforms, and we can provide shelves configured to your needs or individual line cards for spare part requirements.

TXO also offers functionality testing as an added service, and our UK-based test lab is well-equipped with prevalent platforms like the OSN series, CloudEngine series, and more. Please refer to the dedicated Huawei platform page for a comprehensive list.

If a platform you need assistance with isn’t listed, please contact us – it’s likely we can still support you.


Huawei compatible optical transceivers

TXO stands at the forefront of coding, testing, and customising Huawei compatible optical transceivers. We can provide a vast range of compatibles for both modern and legacy applications across different platforms.

All our Huawei compatible optical transceivers are meticulously tested at our 5000 ft2 testing lab equipped with a full array of telecom domains including IP routing and switching, DWDM, SDH, and OTN optical transmission, distance verification, and access equipment. Additionally, we have substantial expertise in testing niche and legacy end-of-life equipment, ensuring we can manufacture and thoroughly test compatibles suitable for your network.


Huawei equipment repair

It’s a reality that no OEM supports their equipment indefinitely, and over time, operational equipment may be discarded needlessly as they start to fail and the manufacturer won’t repair them.

OEM support for legacy products might either be too expensive or not an option. At TXO, we provide an extensive telecoms repair service. Our service outperforms competitors because our primary focus is to get your operations back on track swiftly. Hence, we undertake various preemptive actions, including:

  • Proactive component replacement; we replace components known to fail, reducing future repair needs.
  • Proactive component replacement; for design flaws, we make modifications to address defects.
  • Advance replacement service; if available in our stock, we can swap out your part, negating waiting times for repairs.

With over 12,000 parts repaired just last year and extensive expertise in handling Huawei’s catalogue, TXO’s comprehensive repair centre is here to enhance your network health, diminish downtime, and save costs.

Reach out to us for all your telecom network hardware support, supply, and repair requirements.


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