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Maximising revenue through reselling telecom network assets: A deep dive into the benefits

Here’s an article for all those with surplus telecom network equipment, who’d like to learn some of the benefits of working with a key asset recovery partner.

In the constantly changing world of telecommunications, companies like yours often end up with excess or outdated equipment. Although this can seem like a problem, it’s actually a fantastic opportunity for equipment owners to generate revenue. TXO is part of a thriving green telecoms market, which provides more benefits than just making money. Let’s explore these advantages further.


1. Unlock hidden value from your equipment

Telecom network assets, even those that are no longer in active use, often hold considerable value. By reselling them, you can unlock this hidden value and turn what might have been considered waste into a source of revenue. For instance, you might have switched to a new type of network and have a lot of old routers and switches that are no longer compatible. Instead of letting these items collect dust in a warehouse, let us resell them to those who are still reliant on the older network type, generating revenue for you in the process. Take the revenue generated as cash, or spend your credit on our wide range of products & services to further your sustainability journey. The choice is yours.

We’ve got close to 1 million parts in stock & available right now

2. Reduce your CAPEX

The revenue generated from reselling telecom network assets can be used to offset the cost of new equipment purchases, effectively reducing capital expenditure (CAPEX). This is particularly beneficial if your network is undergoing upgrades or expansions, as it allows you to reinvest the proceeds from your old equipment into new, more efficient technology. Have a look at this case study where we helped a systems integrator client based in Brazil, with multiple locations and a lot of equipment to recover.

3. Access a global market for the resale of your products

With a vast network of global relationships with purchasers from global OEMs, operators, enterprises, and trade sales, we can help you reach a wider market for your surplus equipment. This increased market access results in higher resale prices and faster sales cycles, maximising the return on investment for your telecom network assets. And because we’ve got approximately 1 million parts in stock, we’re the go-to for network operators looking for high-quality equipment.

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4. Make your business more sustainable

Reselling telecom network assets also contributes to more sustainable business practices. By giving old equipment a new life, you’re reducing electronic waste and contributing to a more circular economy. This not only benefits the environment but can also enhance your reputation as a responsible corporate citizen. Did you know, we were the first in our field to be officially part of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation community (a leading authority on the circular economy)?

5. Receive trusted expert valuations & market intelligence

Our realistic telecom network asset valuations are based on market intelligence, ensuring that our customers receive the best possible price for their equipment. We also offer ongoing support throughout the resale process, helping you to navigate the complexities of the telecom equipment market. For us, it all starts with building a complete & transparent product inventory of every batch of telecom network equipment consigned to us. By adopting this approach, you not only gain the benefit of identifying items suitable for internal reuse in your network, but it also provides you with reassurance about exactly what is being refurbished for resale. They say that ‘data is the new oil’ so just imagine the benefits to your business strategy, when you have this amount of insight into your infrastructure!

6. Make it easy to reuse your assets internally

Our clients can review their stock list in real time through the i-TRAC asset management portal. If certain equipment is needed for internal reuse, it can be called back and dispatched to the client the same day. This is particularly beneficial in situations where telecommunication equipment is costly or impossible to find elsewhere. Reuse is a key principle of the circular economy, and so helping companies to be more sustainable while avoiding unnecessary purchases is something we’re very proud to do.



So, to recap – reselling telecom network assets offers a host of benefits. It allows you to unlock the hidden value in your surplus equipment, reduce CAPEX, access a global market, contribute to sustainability, and benefit from expert support and market intelligence. With these advantages, it’s clear that asset recovery and resale services like the ones we have been providing for years now can play a crucial role in your overall asset management strategy, especially when it comes to generating revenue and gaining complete oversight of your unwanted telecommunications equipment.

We believe that the circular economy model is beneficial for everyone involved; improve your company’s eco-friendliness while also receiving rewards. If you would like more information on how we can assist with managing your network infrastructure, please contact our asset recovery team today, and we’ll gladly assist you.

About the author

David Evans

Head of Asset Recovery & Services

David joined us in 2014 as a Services Sales Manager, managing the UK & APAC region before being promoted to Head of the division in 2019. David is responsible for the group services sales stream and asset recovery business unit, furthering our commitment to sustainability and the circular economy.