Our IRATA technicians are experts in safety while working at height

We’re proud to be full members of IRATA. IRATA stands for Industrial Rope Access Trade Association. It is a body that sets standards and provides accreditation against those standards for working at heights where ropes and other equipment are required. The body was formed to provide a safe method of work to complete installation and maintenance in the oil and gas industry, among other sectors. Being a key partner for onshore and offshore telecom installation, commissioning and operational maintenance it is vital that we maintain the highest level of accreditation within this scheme.

The main benefits of the rope access approach are safety, speed and accessibility, with minimal impact on the operation of the offshore platform or inland high-level location.

IRATA is an internationally recognised standard and approach to work. The main areas where IRATA professionals are required are oil and gas platforms and increasingly in the renewables sector including offshore wind. The IRATA membership is recognised globally and is the highest standard certification for high-level rope access. Check out our IRATA full member (operator) certificate.

The main oil, gas and renewables operators in the UK sector of the North Sea rely on us to provide IRATA technicians for rope access activities. The membership also enables us to orchestrate and plan these activities. Our IRATA services are also utilised for onshore operations through our relationships within the utilities sector.

If you require IRATA rope access support please contact us.