The AGS20 is a traditional split mount system whereby the IDU ( indoor unit) is typically mounted in a cabinet inside a shelter at the base of the tower and the ODU ( outdoor unit) is mounted directly onto the antenna or sometimes remotely and then connected to antenna by means of waveguide.

Later variants of the AGS20 are capable of contemporary  IP based features such as MPLS and also have 10G interfaces. The ODU’s fall under the ASNK family.

The AGS20 is used the world over for point to point and backhaul in the mobile operators network. TXO has a functioning Siae AGS20 set-up in order to perform testing and repair of the IDU and the ODU including the common issues associated with water ingress and lightening strike. Our engineers are familiar with the operation of the Siae AGS20 from a repair and testing perspective which means that customers are in safe hands. Third party repair can be an attractive solution for legacy and contemporary microwave radio systems for reasons of quality, cost and turn around time as well as in the last resort providing an option to maintain critical equipment.


To discuss your needs for repair of IDU and ODU equipment belonging to the Siae AGS20 and ASNK  system please contact us.

TXO has no formal affiliation with Siae Microelettronica in relation to repair services.