TN stands for Transport Node and was used across the Nortel SDH portfolio. The TN-64X is for 10Gbps SDH in the network backbone. Our repair centre is able to provide support to operators wishing to repair cards for this system. The system has tributaries for STM-1, STM-4, STM-16 to add and drop traffic as required. The main shelf holds the cards containing the integrated 10G optics. The system allows for a 10G signal to be transmitted up to 140km without regeneration or amplification.

Nortel TN-64X Repair Services

Nortel TN-64X In the TXO repair centre


The Nortel reference system is used to test, screen and repair cards for the TN-64X. This means that faults can be diagnosed quickly and that post repair the card can be tested properly against the manufacturer’s original specification including the relevant optical parameters. Turnaround times of 5, 10 or 20 days are available depending on business requirements and client need.

To discuss your needs for repair of cards and equipment belonging to the Nortel TN-64X now Ciena system please contact us.

TXO has no formal affiliation with Ciena in relation to repair services.