The Nokia Flexi BTS ( Base Transceiver Station) is a modular base station for use in the radio access network ( RAN ) of a mobile network. The series spans many generations and therefore is multi standard covering GSM, EDGE, WCDMA and LTE. The main building blocks of the system are the Basebands or system modules and the RF modules. Generally the modules are ruggedized and therefore are designed to live indoors or outdoors.

Nokia Flexi BTS test bed in TXO repair centre with dummy loads top


Our reference system can be configured to suit project requirements and comprises common basebands such as ESMB, FSMD, FSME, FSMF and so on as well as RF modules prefixed FR and FX. Following repair the modules are tested to confirm function

Common Parts that can be repaired and or tested / screened

Mnemonic Part Code Short Description
FXDB 472573A RF Module
FSMD 083780A System Module
FSMF 084792A System Module
FRGU 472956A RF Module
FRGL 084208A RF Module
FPAA 470140A Power card
FBBC 472797A Capacity Expansion card
ESMB 472109A System Module / EDGE


To discuss your needs for repair, test and screen of Modules belonging to the Nokia Flexi system please contact us.

TXO has no formal affiliation with Nokia in relation to repair services.