The Marconi XMP1 is a multi service access node capable of both PDH and SDH transmission and the system is supported by our repair centre. Data rates for PDH can be 8Kbps to 34Mbps and for SDH can be STM-1 or STM-4. The system is still in service in a railway setting where it is sometimes known under the Bosch or Keymile brand names. It can be deployed as a terminal multiplexer or as an ADM (Add-Drop-Mux). Thus it can provide point to point or leased line in a corporate network for POTS, data, LAN, IDSN and so on.

The building blocks of the system are the central unit which provides control and management, the SDH cards for STM-1 and STM-4 aggregation and the line units which provide uplink in the form of E1, E3 or SHDSL which can be copper or optical.

8 and 16 Slot versions were available as well as an SL variant ( Slimline).

Marconi XMP1 in the TXO Repair Centre


Example cards that can be repaired at our repair centre


Part Number Alt Part Number Description
AN00102461 37010107 XMP1 CENTRAL UNIT CC CARD
AN00098224 MODUL V.11
AN00059057 PORT HDB3 (2)
AN00118106 POWER SUPPLY 48/60V
AN00102463 SUBRACK XMP1 (16)


Our service includes not only component level circuit board repair but also a proper soak test post repair in the XMP1 system to confirm correct function. This includes traffic testing at the desired rate. For telecom operators and national infrastructure providers such as Railways the repair of Marconi / Bosch XMP1 is a vital part of the supply chain needed for total network reliability. We understand these needs perfectly and are ready to support any enquiry.

To discuss your needs for repair equipment belonging to the Marconi XMP1 system please contact us.

TXO has no formal affiliation with Ericsson in relation to repair services.