The Marconi OMS latterly became part of the Ericsson portfolio and this platform can be repaired within our third party repair centre. The Marconi / Ericsson OMS 1600 is multi-service capable network element which means that it can do both legacy TDM and also packet based Ethernet. In fact it is capable of STM-16, STM-64 and also 10 GBE for transport. It is also performs as an ethernet switch which is useful in the evolution from TDM to ethernet. It is still used for broadband, IPTV and provision of ethernet to business customers as well as point to point transport. The system can also provide CWDM and DWDM using pluggable SFP modules. It is often used in conjunction with Marconi now Ericsson MHL for WDM.


Marconi / Ericsson OMS 1664 in the TXO repair centre


We are happy to support in cases where spare parts are difficult to obtain and therefore repair is a sensible option for the telecom operator. Customers will take comfort that with a reference system on hand cards can be properly tested post repair. This includes traffic testing using the appropriate signal and test equipment. In addition a common issue that we see frequently is the repair of the fan 03HAN00009AAM back to full function. Other common repairs listed below

Part Code  Description 
03HAN00009AAM OMS Fan


To discuss your needs for repair of equipment belonging to the Marconi now Ericsson OMS 1660 system please contact us.

TXO has no formal affiliation with Ericsson in relation to repair services.