The Lucent Lamdba Unite 1675 is a late generation Lucent product coming after the Wavestar series of products and is now Nokia portfolio. It is an SDH / SONET based system supporting 40 Gbps all the way down to 155 Mbps. It was primarily used a a feeder from various 10 G and 2.5 G ADMs into the backbone of the network. In fact it can function as SDH/ SONET based ADM or optical switch or cross connect. Therefore it is found mostly as regional or metro core hub. DWDM and CWDM optics are supported by the system.

Lucent Lambda Unite 1675 Repair Services

Lucent 1675 Lambda Unite reference system in the TXO repair lab


TXO’s repair centre is able to diagnose and fix defective cards belonging to the Lucent 1675 Lambda Unite system. Repair clients know that not only will the fault be diagnosed within our reference system but the card will be tested property following the repair intervention to ensure that it is functioning as expected, including traffic testing.

Example Parts belonging to Lucent Lambda Unite 1675 that TXO is able to repair


Lucent Comcode Part HECI Description
109008540 675 UNITE 800G OC192 OPTPK
109008581 KFA133 WMOTBS8LAB 1675 OC192/STM64 OPTICAL INTRF
109306977 1675 UNITE R4 155M MOD


To discuss your needs for repair of equipment belonging to the Lucent Lambda Unite 1675 system please contact us.

TXO is a completely independent re-seller and has no association with Lucent, Nokia or related organisations.