Juniper T4000 Core Router: a powerful multipurpose router designed for ISPs and Enterprises

At TXO we keep many parts in stock for the Juniper T4000 Core Network Router, all of which are available to purchase with short lead times. We are also able to complete repairs and refurbishments on many products in the Juniper T Series product range.

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Availability and shipping for the Juniper T4000 router

At TXO we stock one of the world’s largest selections of Juniper T4000 parts and components, as well as many other Juniper T Series core routers. Most T4000 parts will be dispatched immediately on receipt of purchase order and delivered within 1-3 days in the UK and 3-5 days for international delivery. 


About the Juniper T4000 Network router

The Juniper T4000 is a half rack multiservice core router produced by Juniper Networks, Inc. as part of the T series of core routers. Created in 1998, the T Series included the T320, T640, T1600 as well as the TX Matrix and TX Matrix Plus. 

As with many of the early M Series routers, the Juniper T4000 routing system achieves impressive performance speeds by utilising architecture that splits the control operations from the forwarding operations helping to prevent delays when the router is forwarding packet data. 

Control operations are performed using the host subsystem running the Junos OS, the proprietary operating system used in all Juniper routers. This subsystem handles configuration management, monitoring, policing and traffic engineering. The host subsystem also controls the routing protocols. The Juniper T4000 is capable of supporting many of the latest routing protocols such as BGP, OSPF, and IS-IS.   . 

Forwarding operations get managed by the Packet forwarding engines. Held within these are several ASCI’s (application specific integrated circuits) a technology designed by Juniper which form a core part of the router’s design. These ASCI’s allow for enormous packet forwarding rates meaning it can utilise the full capabilities of modern fibre-optics.

The Juniper T4000 is the perfect routing solution for large-scale service providers and enterprise businesses. Capable of providing up to 2.0 Tbps (terabits per second) full duplex switching and up to a total of 2.4 billion packets per second (Mpps) forwarding. It can also handle 240 Gbps per slot, and can support up to 208 ports of 10GBE or 16 ports of 100GBE interfaces making it one of the densest line rate IP/MPLS routing systems available.

Another key feature of the Juniper T4000 router is its modular design, which allows for flexible configuration and expansion. It has the capability of holding up to 16 interface cards and four MFC (Management and Fabric Control) cards as well as up to eight Flexible PIC Concentrators (FPC’s), all of which can be configured to handle different media types. 

The combination of high performance and flexible configuration options make the T4000 core router incredibly popular amongst network operators, who can tailor the flexible architecture to meet the needs of the individual business. It also benefits from a half rack chassis meaning operators can still achieve high port density while being able to utilise the most mounting options possible. 

Juniper announced the end of life for the Juniper T series of routers in 2016. They are superseded by the PTX-Series core routers and MX-Series edge routers. Despite the OEM no longer offering support for the Juniper T series, TXO can continue to support and service all routers in this range. Contact us today to find out how we can help extend the lifespan of your Juniper T4000 core network router.


Juniper T4000 Router component list

At TXO we stock a fantastic range of new and refurbished products and parts for the Juniper T4000 core router which can be purchased with minimal lead times. A list of some of the most popular products can be found below, but please contact us if the part you require is not listed.


Part NumberDescription
FANTRAY-T4000Front fan trays for Juniper T4000
FAN-REAR-TXP-LCCRear fan tray for Juniper T4000
FAN-R-TXP-3D-LCC-BBRear fan tray for Juniper T4000
FLTR-KIT-T640Air filter kit for Juniper T4000
CB-LCC-BBControl board for Juniper T4000
CRAFT-T-SERIES-SCraft interface for Juniper T4000
PWR-T-6-60-DCDC power system for Juniper T4000
RE-DUO-C1800-8G8G C1800 Routing Engine for Juniper T4000
RE-DUO-C1800-16G16G C1800 Routing Engine for Juniper T4000
SCG-T-EC-BBSCG with RJ-48 ports for Juniper T4000
SCG-TSCG with DB-9 ports for Juniper T4000
SIB-I-T4000Switch Interface Board (SIB) for Juniper T4000


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Repair capability for the Juniper T4000

At TXO we believe we should aim to reduce the environmental impact of the telecoms sector across the supply chain, which is why we make it our mission to support the circular economy. As part of this, we offer a full third-party repair service that focuses on refurbishing and repairing many components for the Juniper T4000 Core router, as well as many others across the Juniper range. 

Our team of experienced system engineers based at our advanced engineering facilities in Solihull complete over 12,000 repairs every year. With an in-depth knowledge of core telecom repairs including optical, IP and radio-based technologies they are able to ensure the clients we work with can maintain optimum service levels and minimise disruption to the operation of their business. 

As part of our expert repair and refurbishment service, we will often conduct pre-emptive repairs to Juniper T4000 components that are susceptible to developing faults. This helps prevent future repairs from being required and extends the longevity of your existing Juniper system. 

On top of our extensive range of parts available to order online, we are also able to procure replacement parts for the Juniper T4000 core network router, if we don’t already have them available in stock. And, to ensure that you experience minimal disruption to your business operations, we also offer an advance replacement service, where we deliver components to you before a repair is carried out, therefore ensuring minimal downtime. 

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Technical Specifications for the Juniper T4000 Router

For full details of the Juniper T4000 platform please view the full OEM datasheet which can be found here.


Chassis dimensions37.45 in. (95.1 cm) high
17.43 in. (44.3 cm) wide
31 in. (78.7 cm) deep
Total depth (including front cable management system) 35.5 in. (90.2 cm)
11.5 in. (29.2 cm) from front of chassis to center-mounting brackets
Router weightChassis with midplane: 205 lb (93 kg)
Minimum configuration: 392 lb (177.8 kg)
Maximum configuration: 663.6 lb (301.0 kg)
Control board weight5 lb each (2 kg)
Routing Engine weight2.4 lb (1 kg)
Craft interface weight3.3 lb (1.5 kg)
FPC weightFPC4 with PICs installed: Up to 33 lb (15.0 kg)
FPC4 without PICs installed: up to 29 lb (11.3 kg)
FPC5 with PICs installed: Up to 33.5 lb (15.2 kg)
FPC5 without PICs installed: 31.6 lb (14.4 kg)
Blank panel in FPC slot: 9 lb (4.0 kg)
CIP weight8.8 lb (4 kg)
Air filter weight1 lb (0.45 kg)
Power supply weight39.7 lb (18.0 kg)
SCG weight1.9 lb each (1 kg)
SIB weight7.1 lb (3.2 kg)
SIB weight for SIB-TXP-3D-LCC9.4 lb (4.2 kg)
Front fan tray weight20.4 lb (9.3 kg)
Rear fan tray weight10 lb (4.5 kg)


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