Juniper MX80 Universal Routing Platform: offering scalability and ease of use for large and small businesses

TXO is a leading provider of the Juniper MX Series of routers including the Juniper MX80 Universal Routing Platform. As well as offering many spare and replacement parts, we also offer a full repair and refurbishment service as well as asset recovery and repair initiatives.

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Availability and shipping for the Juniper MX80

TXO has one of the largest selections of Juniper MX80 Universal Router parts and components available to purchase with quick lead times and fast delivery. Most Juniper MX80 parts will be dispatched immediately on receipt of purchase order and delivered within 1-3 days in the UK and 3-5 days internationally


About the Juniper MX80

The Juniper MX80 Universal Routing Platform was released in 2011 by Juniper Networks Inc. as part of the MX3D series of universal routers. The MX 3D Series of routers were a continuation of the initial release of the MX Series of routers which launched in 2006. 

Popular with small businesses and enterprise level companies alike due to the flexibility offered by the platform, the Juniper MX80 Universal Routing Platform is a secure and versatile option that allows for a huge level of scalability.

With upgradeable software available from 20 Gbps to 80 Gbps, the MX80 is capable of handling up to four modular interface card slots and two fixed 10 Gigabit interfaces, which offers considerable flexibility when connecting to a network. Alongside this flexibility, the Juniper MX80 Universal Routing Platform is a relatively compact unit, allowing businesses to utilise the full capabilities of the platform without sacrificing floor space. 

The Juniper MX80 Universal Routing Platform runs on the Junos OS, which is the default operating system for all Juniper routers. By running the Junos Continuity plug-in and Unified In-Service Software Upgrade for Junos OS, network operators can ensure that when upgrading hardware and software there is minimal disruption to the network with the least amount of downtime possible. These upgrades are easy to set up and use, helping reduce ongoing support costs. 

End of life for the Juniper MX80 Universal Routing Platform was announced by Juniper on 30th June 2020 with OEM support for the MX80 scheduled to end on 30th June 2026. Despite the end of support being announced by the OEM, TXO will continue to repair and offer advice for this platform past the date issued by the OEM. 

Juniper MX80 component list

At TXO we have an extensive range of refurbished products and parts for the Juniper MX80 Universal Routing Platform. A list of some of the most popular products can be found below, but please contact us if the part you require is not listed.


Part NumberDescriptionHECI
CBL-JX-PWR-AUJuniper MX Series Powercord (AUS)
CBL-JX-PWR-CHJuniper MX Series Powercord (Ch)
CBL-JX-PWR-EUJuniper MX Series Powercord (EU)
CBL-JX-PWR-ITJuniper MX Series Powercord (IT)
CBL-JX-PWR-JPJuniper MX Series Powercord (JP)
CBL-JX-PWR-USJuniper MX Series Powercord (US)
MX80-T-ACMX80 AC chassis with timing support
MX80-T-DCMX80 DC chassis with timing support
MX80-P-ACMX80 AC chassis with PTP (IEEE 1588v2) support
MX80-P-DCMX80 DC chassis with PTP (IEEE 1588v2) support
MX80-48T-ACMX80 Cx;7 48 GE port AC chassis
MX80-48T-DCMX80 Cx;7 48 GE port DC chassis
MX80-T-48T-ACMX80 Cx;7 48 GE port AC chassis with timing support
MX80-T-48T-DCMX80 Cx;7 48 GE port DC chassis with timing support
PWR-MX80-ACMX80 AC Power Supply
PWR-MX80-DCMX80 DC Power Supply


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Repair capability for the Juniper MX80 routing platform

TXO believes in supporting the circular economy and helping reduce the environmental impact of the telecoms sector. We therefore offer a full third-party repair service that aims to refurbish and repair as many components for the Juniper MX80 routing platform as possible. 

We have an experienced team of highly qualified systems engineers who complete over 12,000 repairs every year operating from our advanced engineering facilities in Solihull. With years of experience conducting repairs on many components for the Juniper MX 3D series, they have an in-depth knowledge of core telecoms repairs including optical, IP and radio-based technologies and can offer expert support on maintaining your existing systems and help prevent unnecessary downtime.  

As part of our expert service, we will often carry out pre-emptive repairs on many Juniper MX80 components which are known to experience faults, therefore preventing the need for future repairs, further costly downtime and additional disruption to your business. We are also able to offer an advance replacement service, to deliver you a replacement part prior to a repair being conducted meaning you can maintain optimum service levels to your customers. 

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Technical Specifications for the Juniper MX80 Universal Routing Platform

For full details of the Juniper MX Series Universal Routing Platform please view the full OEM datasheet.


System capacity80 Gbps
Switch fabric capacity per slotN/A
DPCs and/or MPCs per chassisTwo MS-MIC slots and four 10GbE interfaces enabled
Chassis per rack24
Dimensions (W x H x D)Chassis: 17.5 x 3.5 x 23.5 in (44.5 x 8.9 x 59.6 cm)
Maximum weight30 lb/13.7 kg
MountingFront or center
Power optionsAC/DC: -40 to -72 VDC
100-240 VAC
Operating temperature32° to 115° F (0° to 46° C) at sea level
Humidity5 to 90 percent noncondensing
AltitudeNo performance degradation to 13,000 ft/4,000 m


Please note, TXO is an independent retailer and has no affiliation with Juniper Networks, Inc. or any of its associated companies.