Juniper M20 Internet Router: an effective and cost-efficient router with built in redundancy

TXO is one of the UK’s largest stockists for spare parts and replacement components for the Juniper M20 Internet Router. We also offer a repair and refurbishment service for many components within the Juniper M-series family of routers as well as offering advice to support your existing Juniper Networks equipment. 

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Availability and shipping for the Juniper M20

At TXO we have one of the largest selections of Juniper M20 components available to order with fast and efficient shipping. Most Juniper M20 parts will be dispatched immediately on receipt of purchase order and delivered within 1-3 days in the UK and 3-5 days for international delivery


About the Juniper M20

The Juniper M20 is a complete routing system released in 1999 by Juniper Networks, Inc. as part of the M-Series family of internet routers. This series also includes the Juniper M40, M10i and M320, and was one of the first platforms to allow true scalability to meet the needs of the business using it. The achievable speed of this router put it in direct competition with other routers of the time such as those produced by Cisco. 

A core part of the design of the Juniper M20 is its utilisation of ASIC’s (Application specific integrated circuits) to handle data at the high speed requirements of the business utilising the platform. The Juniper M20 allows for up to 4 Flexible PIC concentrators (FPC), each of which can be configured separately depending on the type of media being transferred, including SONET SDH services. This allows the system to carry a maximum of 64 physical interface ports. Each FPC has a maximum throughput of 3.2 Gbps, which can then be further configured by the operator to gain a higher aggregate than the maximum throughput by inserting a combination of PIC’s.  

Running the Junos OS software, the native software of all Juniper internet routers, the Juniper M20 handles functions such as the routing protocols, traffic engineering, filtering and configuration management, via the routing engine and the System and Switch Board (SSB) using a fast ethernet link to the forwarding table in the Internet Processor ii ASIC.

Forwarding operations are handled separately by the Packet Forwarding engine. Separating these two functions within the M20 router helps prevent delays to processing and traffic, and allows speed to be maintained regardless of the amount of data being handled.  

The rack mountable router chassis is capable of stacked installation, meaning it’s the perfect internet router for businesses that need to utilise high port density whilst minimising the density per unit floor space. The Juniper M20 also benefits from several system redundancies to help minimise network downtime should issues arise, including the cooling system, routing engine and power supplies. 

In June 2007, Juniper Networks announced the end of life of the M20 routing platform as 31 December 2012, after which point the OEM would no longer offer support or technical assistance to users. TXO continues to repair and procure Juniper M20 routers as well as offering support for your existing Juniper equipment.


Juniper M20 component list

At TXO we have an extensive range of new and refurbished products and parts for the Juniper M20 Internet Router. A list of some of the most popular products can be found below, but please contact us if the part you require is not listed.


Part numberDescriptionHECI
M20BASE-DCM20base DC Backbone RouterIPC5EH0BAA
M20BASE-ACM20base AC Backbone Router
SSB-M20Juniper M20 Switch BoardIPC3760EAA
FANTRAY-F-M20-SJuniper M20 Fantray
PWR-M20-ACJuniper M20 AC Power Supply
PWR-M20-DCJuniper M20 DC Power Supply
M20-FPC1-EP-CJuniper M20 1 Port Interface Card
IPI2LMJAAAJuniper M20 4 port DS3 PIC Card
P-4E3-ATMJuniper M20 4 Port ATM E3 PIC Card
I-1OC48-SON-SMIR-EJuniper M20 M40 1 Port STM OC 48 Interface Card
RE-333-768Juniper M20 Routing Engine
MEM-RE-256-SJuniper M20 256MB Memory Module
P-4T1-RJ48Juniper M20 4 Port T1 PICIPI4LBKBAA


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Repair capability for the Juniper M20 Internet Router

As part of the TXO mission to support the circular economy and to help minimise the environmental impact of telecoms across the supply chain, we offer an extensive and comprehensive third-party repair service that focuses on lifecycle management across a wide range of components for the Juniper M20 router as well as other Juniper products. 

Based out of our advanced engineering facilities in Solihull, our team of experienced system engineers have an in-depth knowledge of core telecom repairs including optical, IP and radio based technologies at circuit board level, and conduct approximately 12,000 repairs each year. This ensures the businesses we work with can maintain optimum service levels and minimise disruption to their business. At TXO we are able to refurbish and restore many components for the Juniper M20 router as well as assist in the procurement of replacement parts as necessary. 

To help ensure the longevity of the repairs we carry out and the overall life of your Juniper M20, we will often conduct several pre-emptive repairs as part of the service we offer. By reconditioning and repairing parts that are susceptible to developing faults we can help prevent future repairs before issues develop.  

For occasions where minimal downtime is required, we also offer an advance replacement service for many Juniper M-series parts, which allows us to deliver components to you in advance of a repair being carried out, allowing you to ensure that there is minimal disruption to your business. 

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Technical Specifications for the Juniper M20

For full details of the Juniper M20 platform please view the full OEM datasheet.


Height14 in / 35.56 cm
Width19 in / 48.26 cm
Depth21 in / 53.34 cm
Weight Max. configuration150 lbs / 60.04 kg
MountingFront or center rack mount
Temperature32 to 104 degrees F / 0 to 40 degrees C
Maximum AltitudeNo performance degradation to 10,000 ft / 3,048 m
Seismic/EarthquakeDesigned to meet Bellcore Zone 4 earthquake requirements
Realtive Humidity5 to 90 percent non condensing
Thermal Output3,850 BTU/hour
FPC3.2-Gbps throughput (full duplex)
I/O Manager ASIC for wire-rate parsing, prioritising, and queuing of packets
SSBOne Internet Processor or Internet Processor II ASIC for 40-Mpps packet lookup
Two Distributed Buffer Manager ASICs for coordinating pooled, single-stage buffering
PowerPC 603e processor running at 200 MHz for handling exception packets
33-MHz PCI bus, which connects the PowerPC 603e processor and the Internet Processor or Internet Processor II ASIC
Four slots of 1-MB SSRAM
512-KB boot flash EPROM (programmable on the board)
Routing EngineCompact PCI industrial form factor
333-MHz Intel Pentium II
80-MB flash drive for primary storage
6.4-GB hard drive for secondary storage
110-MB flash PC card for tertiary storage
10/100 Base-T auto-sensing RJ-45 Ethernet port for out-of-band management
Two RS-232 (DB9 connector) asynchronous serial ports for console and remote management


Please note, TXO is an independent retailer and has no affiliation with Juniper Networks, Inc. or any of its associated companies.