Ericsson RBS 2000 Series Base Transceiver Station: a reliable and efficient telecoms solution for service providers

Here at TXO, we’re proud to stock one of the world’s largest selections of parts for the Ericsson RBS 2000 Series Base Transceiver Station (BTS). We are also able to repair and recondition many component parts used for this series of base transceiver stations from Ericsson.

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Availability & shipping for the Ericsson RBS 2000 BTS

We have a large selection of Ericsson RBS 2000 series BTS parts available from stock. Most Ericsson BTS parts are dispatched immediately upon receipt of a purchase order and can be delivered within 1-3 days in the UK and 3-5 days for international delivery. Contact us today to get an exact quote and estimated delivery times.

About the Ericsson RBS 2000 Series Base Transceiver Station

The Ericsson RBS 2000 series base transceiver station (BTS) was a GSM network (Global System for Mobile communication) radio base station produced by Swedish telecommunications company Ericsson in the mid-1990s. Referred to by Ericsson as an RBS (Radio Base Station), the RBS 2000 family incorporated models such as the 2102, 2103, 2106, 2206 and 2207 amongst others. 

The Ericsson RBS 2000 Series Base Transceiver Station formed part of Ericsson’s wider WCDMA Radio Access Network, UTRAN portfolio, which featured other base stations including the 3000 series. Supporting many GSM data services including GPRS and EDGE on both 2G and 3G networks, the Ericsson 2000 BTS series was designed to be flexible and adaptable.

Capable of using up to 12 transceivers depending on the configuration, the Ericsson 2000 series base transceiver station could support an equal number of carriers. This allowed service providers to expand their network capacity as demand increased, effectively future-proofing their networks. 

The RBS 2000 was a relatively compact and lightweight unit, meaning it could easily be deployed by service providers in a variety of locations including rural or densely populated urban environments. Depending on the model, the 2000 series could be deployed in both indoor and outdoor environments, further increasing the flexibility of this already versatile hardware. 

To help increase the appeal of this BTS, the Ericsson RBS 2000 series, was designed to be incredibly energy efficient. It utilised low power transceivers, and also supported renewable energy sources such as solar. These factors made this BTS a cost-effective and environmentally friendly service option for many service providers. 

The Ericsson RBS 2000 Series base transceiver station also came with a selection of network management tools to enhance the operation and maintenance of the unit. Service providers were able to remotely monitor and manage the status of the BTS. In turn, this made it possible to diagnose issues that presented themselves and conduct maintenance in a timely manner, therefore minimising network downtime. 

The Ericsson 2000 Series BTS was also compatible with later models released into the same family such as the Ericsson RBS 6000. This allowed existing infrastructure to be combined with newer equipment, further enhancing the capabilities of the network and extending its overall functionality. 

Ericsson RBS 2000 series component list

At TXO we stock a complete range of refurbished equipment, accessories and parts for the Ericsson RBS 2000 series BTS. A list of some of the most popular products can be found below, but please contact us for more information, if the part you require is not listed.


Part NumberDescription
501/BYB40501RBS 2000 Installation Frame for Ericsson RBS 2000 series
BFL11980/3TRU RBS 2202 DCS for Ericsson RBS 2000 series
BFM1071552206 V2 Master Cab for Ericsson RBS 2000 series
BFM10766RBS 2202 Extension OTRU for Ericsson RBS 2000 series
BFM901182RBS 2116 Master for Ericsson RBS 2000 series
BKV301216/90Fan unit for Ericsson RBS 2000 series


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Repair capability for the Ericsson RBS 2000 BTS

As part of the TXO mission to support a circular economy and to help minimise the environmental impact of telecoms across the supply chain, we offer an extensive and comprehensive third-party repair service that focuses on lifecycle management across a wide range of products and components for the Ericsson RBS 2000 Base transfer station as well as others from the wider Ericsson range. 

Based out of our advanced engineering facilities in Solihull, our team of experienced system engineers have an in-depth knowledge of core telecom repairs including optical, IP and radio based technologies at circuit board level and conduct approximately 12,000 repairs each year. This ensures the businesses we work with can maintain optimum service levels and minimise disruption to their network. At TXO we are able to refurbish and restore many components for the Ericsson RBS 2000 BTS alongside many others from the wider Ericsson GSM family as well as assisting in the procurement of replacement parts as necessary. 

To help ensure the longevity of the repairs we carry out and the overall life of your Ericsson equipment, we will often conduct several pre-emptive repairs as part of the service we offer. By reconditioning and repairing parts that are susceptible to developing faults we can help prevent any future repairs by refurbishing parts before issues develop. 

For occasions where minimal downtime is required we also offer an advance replacement service for many used Ericsson BTS parts, which allows us to deliver components to you in advance of a repair being carried out, allowing you to ensure that there is minimal disruption to your business. 

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Technical specifications for the Ericsson 2000 series BTS

GSM Support800, 900, 1800 and 1900 MHZ
No. transceivers2-12 depending on configuration
No. sectors1-3
Dimensions (HxWxD)1850 x 600 x 400 mm (725/6 x 233/5 x 153/4 in.) including installation frame
Weight230 kg (506 lbs.) fully equipped
Power into antenna feeder 35 W / 45.5 dBm (GSM 800 / GSM 900)
28 W / 44.5 dBm (GSM 1800 / GSM 1900)
With TCC activated, add 2.5 dBm to above values
Receiver sensitivity-111 dBm (dynamic, without TMA and diversity gain)
Power supply120 - 250V AC, 50 / 60 Hz
-48 - -72V DC,
+20.5 - +29V DC
Battery back upOptional external
Operating temperature5c to 40c (41F to 104F)

There is not currently a data sheet available for the Ericsson RBS 2000 BTS from the OEM. Please contact us directly to find out the full technical specifications for this product.

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