The Ericsson MINI-LINK CN 510 is a compact microwave radio transmission system. It is used for backhaul and by enterprises for single hop and end site. The system supports both Ethernet and also TDM. The system transmits and receives using 7 to 38 Ghz frequency range.

Ericsson Mini-Link CN510 Repair Services

Ericsson Mini Link CN – 510 in TXO repair Lab


Ericsson Mini Link CN 510 Reference System

TXO has a complete system of CN 510 which includes two equipped magazines comprising the IDU (Indoor Unit) as well as various ODUs (out door unit). The IDU is also known as the MMU whereas the ODU is also known as the RAU. This reference system is used for post repair test in order to confirm that the item is functioning correctly, including traffic testing. Common issues with Microwave radio systems include water ingress into the ODU itself or interfaces and also lightening strike. Often it is necessary to re-seal the ODU to ensure weather proofing. IDU repair is also carried out. The part code for the IDU is BFD101068/1.

Example part codes from Ericsson Mini Link CN 510 that TXO can repair

Part Code Description
UKL40153/21 RAU2 N 15/21
UKL40153/25 RAU2 N 15/25
UKL40153/22 RAU2 N 15/22
UKL40153/26 RAU2 N 15/26
UKL40158/15 RAU2 N 13/15
UKL40158/11 RAU2 N 13/11
UKL40158/12 RAU2 N 13/12
UKL40158/16 RAU2 N 13/16
UKL40118/41HP RAU1 8/41HP
UKL40118/45HP RAU1 8/45HP
UKL40118/42HP RAU1 8/42 HP
UKL40118/45 RAU1 8/45Std
UKL40118/46 RAU1 8/46Std
UKL40118/46HP RAU1 8/46HP
UKL40157/61 RAU1 N 8/61
UKL40118/41 RAU1 8/41Std
UKL40118/42 RAU1 8/42Std
UKL40157/65 RAU1 N 8/65
UKL40118/47HP P RAU1 8/47H
UKL40118/43HP RAU1 8/43 HP
UKL40156/27 RAU1 N 7/27
UKL40118/43 RAU1 8/43
UKL40118/47 RAU1 8/47
UKL40156/21 RAU1 N 7/21
UKL40156/23 RAU1 N 7/23
UKL40156/25 RAU1 N 7/25



To discuss your needs for repair of IDU and ODU equipment belonging to the Ericsson Mini Link CN 510 system please contact us.

TXO has no formal affiliation with Ericsson in relation to repair services.