The Powerware company was purchased by Eaton from Invensys. The brand is still used for UPS, Rectifiers, Surge Protection and other related DC power equipment. Powerware equipment is commonly used in large Telecom sites such as telephone exchanges, switch sites and data centres run by telecom companies as well as in Industrial and transport settings. Our repair centre is equipped to repair Powerware formerly Invensys equipment in order to support the telecom and railway operator.

Test Equipment for Invensys / Eaton Powerware Rectifier in the TXO repair centre

Test equipment for Invensys/Eaton Powerware Rectifier in the TXO Repair Centre

Rectifiers such as the R160/54/28A can be repaired at our repair centre. Following repair the rectifier is soak tested in order to confirm proper function. In addition alarms are also tested. Testing protocols can be designed bespoke according to the needs of the client in terms of duration of soak test and also the specific parameters to be tested.

To discuss your needs for repair of Invensys / Eaton Powerware equipment please contact us.

TXO has no formal affiliation with Eaton in relation to repair services.