100% tested OSFP transceiver modules

Here at TXO, we offer a wide range of OEM compatible OSFP optical transceivers to fit your exact requirements. All of our OSFP optical transceivers are supplied to us by the same manufacturing facilities used by the big-name vendors. If there’s anything we can you help with, don’t hesitate to contact us.

What is an OSFP optical transceiver?

OSFP stands for Octal Small Form-factor Pluggable. It consists of 8 high-speed electrical lanes, running at 50Gb/s each, to achieve a total bandwidth of 400Gb/s (8x50G PAM4 or 4x100G PAM4). The 400G OSFP optical data links are mostly deployed inside data centres, campuses and external metro long reach. We’re proud to be expanding our range of OSFP to bring you the very latest in OEM compatible 400G transmission. In addition to the OSFP transceiver supporting backward compatibility with 100G QSFP transceivers, OSFP can also support the next generation OSFP 800G (8 lanes of 100Gbps) optics.

400G optical transceivers:

TXO's 400G product familyTemp °CWavelength
OSFP SR8, 100m OM410-60 °C850nm
OSFP 2x FR4 (2x200G), 2km0-70 °CCWDM4
OSFP DR4, 500m0-70 °C1310nm
OSFP DR4+, 2km0-70 °C1310nm
OSFP FR4, 2km0-70 °CCWDM4
OSFP LR4, 10km0-70 °C1310nm
OSFP ER4, 40km0-70 °C1310nm
QSFP-DD SR8, 100m OM410-60 °C850nm
QSFP-DD DR4, 500m0-70 °C1310nm
QSFP-DD DR4+, 2km0-70 °C1310nm
QSFP-DD FR4, 2km0-70 °CCWDM4
QSFP-DD LR8, 10km0-70 °C1310nm