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Just the mere thought of all the e-waste accumulating around the world right now is enough to turn your hair white! But where to begin? Whether you’re one of the world’s leading telcos or selling on the high street, we’ll help your business lead the charge on sustainability.


In this real life example, our client – a major high street retailer with over 2,500 stores throughout the UK, needed a partner to help support and improve their corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategy. But at the same time wanted to recover maximum value for its redundant and obsolete point of sale equipment and electronic waste.

A key challenge for our client was finding a provider that could deliver a turnkey asset recovery program with truly end-to-end asset recovery solutions. In addition, the results needed to be reported to a professional standard to meet the client’s individual requirements and harmonise with their best practice scorecard model for CSR management.

Our solution

From the initial consultation it was clear that our flexible approach was the perfect fit for the client’s needs. We planned to construct a customised, end-to-end asset recovery framework backed by all the relevant certifications and a transparent audit trail.

To streamline development and coordination of their project, we matched the client with a dedicated Account Manager. At TXO, it’s important to us that our clients have a single point of contact on hand to answer any questions throughout the lifetime of a project.

Through close consultation, we helped our customer to identify new asset recovery opportunities, divert material from landfill and achieve their environmental CSR targets.

Our turnkey solution included de-installation, collection, secure storage, resale and recycling solutions. This provided our client with the opportunity to recover maximum asset value from a single invoice.

We were able to give our client complete visibility of the whole process and a documented audit trail through the i-TRAC portal – our secure online platform that gives clients complete control and visibility over their inventory. The portal provides detailed financial summaries and graphical management reports. This data allows managers and planners to instantly locate parts, evaluate their inventory and track & measure asset resale campaigns. The software also supports the clients’ CSR agendas by tracking every part to the end of its service life.


The whole process was streamlined, meaning our customer saved on internal resources and enabled them to obtain the highest possible yields and significant returns. OPEX costs were reduced by eliminating warehousing costs of obsolete inventory and obsolescence costs have been minimised by converting legacy assets into re-usable inventory, raw material or cash.

More information

To explore how our end-to-end asset recovery solutions can help you to generate revenue and reduce OPEX costs, please contact us.