We love a case study that shows off what we do best, and here is another one! When it comes to building radio networks with a dependable alternative to the OEM, who can also solve your pain points, that is where we come in.

Project overview

One of the largest network service providers in the Middle East was experiencing long lead times from the OEM and we were able to offer them a solution. We supplied radio equipment and adaptable packages with much shorter lead times and at a lower price than was possible direct from the OEM.


Our customer would historically go straight to the OEM for all their telecom networking equipment needs. However, the main problem was the limited availability of stock, which led to long lead times. In addition, the customer was dissatisfied with the packages that the OEM was offering, and they longed for greater flexibility. Therefore, the customer needed to find an alternative partner to source equipment quickly and efficiently to build their radio network outside of the OEM – while trying to save money at the same time.


After catching up with the customer and really understanding their pain points, we were able to offer a solution that the customer did not think was even possible. Not only could we supply refurbished Nokia radio equipment with shorter lead times in comparison to the OEM, but our pricing was far more cost-effective for the customer.

Thanks to our stockholding of over 1 million parts, we were able to surpass any availability challenges. We had the required radio equipment ready to ship from our warehouse straight away. This was also great news for our consignment asset recovery client who sold us the equipment in the first place. We were able to generate revenue for them by reselling the kit. All products supplied went through our rigorous refurbishment and testing process and came with our standard 1-year warranty for total peace of mind. And of course, not forgetting the environmental benefits of this business model – showing off our true circular economy approach through reuse and extending the lifespan of the telecom networking equipment.

As well as product supply, we also offered our customer the chance to customise their own equipment package. This tailor-made approach was a game-changer. Meaning that they only had to buy equipment that they truly needed, and they could avoid overpaying for a ready-made OEM package that was unnecessary for their network.


As a result, so far, we have supplied 2,000 remote radio units (RRUs) to the customer. Along with this, we have supplied accessories to aid network expansion and ready-to-deploy units (complete with CPRI cables, powers, fans, and covers) to suit the customer’s needs. By using the equipment supplied by us, we have given the customer the flexibility to develop their own software to maintain their network with agility. They were so happy with the service provided that the customer came over to the UK for an on-site visit to meet our team and look around our warehouses! We loved this and welcome any of our wonderful customers to do the same.

Overall, the whole experience of choosing our team to support their network expansion was quicker and cheaper than the customer’s previous experiences. Proving that here at TXO, we are living up to our reputation as the No.1 alternative to the OEM.

More information

To find out how you can also slash lead times and make huge savings through our stock of refurbished telecom network equipment, please contact us.