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Efficiency & reliability: the essential ingredients for smooth network operations

Picture this, your network experiences a critical failure and you’re left scrambling to find spare parts that are no longer readily available. The downtime mounts, subscribers are left frustrated and revenue takes a nosedive. It’s a nightmare scenario that no network operator wants to face, yet it’s a reality that lurks in the shadows.

When you can’t source spare parts or you’re faced with supply chain delays, the ramifications are vast. Maintenance delays become a norm, leaving your network vulnerable to more significant issues. Frustrated subscribers start exploring other options, eroding customer loyalty and trust. The financial toll can be staggering and then there’s the regulatory scrutiny and reputation damage that can haunt your business for years.

At TXO, we understand the risks that come with network failures and parts scarcity (when you have a moment, take a look at our whitepaper on ‘Navigating the supply chain chaos‘). That’s why our commitment to proactive component replacements, meticulous repairs and sustainable solutions is unwavering.

What does proactive component replacement mean?

Proactive component replacement means swapping out specific parts before they wear out or break down. It’s like changing the batteries in your TV remote before they die completely. This helps prevent unexpected problems, keeps things running smoothly and saves you from costly repairs and downtime. It’s all about being proactive and taking care of your equipment to keep it in tip-top shape.

Specialist telecoms knowledge & expertise

We understand that a successful telecom repair service begins with a profound understanding of the equipment we work with. Our team of engineers has years of hands-on experience across various disciplines, encompassing optical, IP and radio technologies, including microwave and RAN technologies. Moreover, we have honed our expertise in power equipment, making us your go-to partner for comprehensive repairs.

Our repair process sets us apart from the rest. Before any repair work commences, we ensure that the relevant reference model is meticulously installed in our repair centre and tailored to mimic your network environment as closely as possible. This approach allows us to diagnose faults accurately before proceeding with the repair, reducing downtime and minimising disruptions.

As part of our proactive component replacements service, we craft a tailored schedule for you which means you’re able to stay ahead of potential issues and keep your network operating smoothly. This proactive approach can help you avoid unexpected network problems, maintain high reliability and ultimately save time and money. We’re not just about fixing things when they break; we’re about preventing problems in the first place and that’s what proactive component replacement is all about.

Once the repair is complete, we don’t stop there. Post-repair intervention, every card undergoes rigorous retesting to ensure it functions flawlessly. For traffic cards, this means subjecting them to appropriate signals to verify that traffic flows smoothly over an extended period.

Extending the lifecycle of legacy networks

Creating solutions that help our customers extend the lifecycle of their aging networks is a massive focus for us. And it’s not just about repairs; our telecom logistics & spare parts management services (or SPMS for short) are another way of enabling you to keep your infrastructure running efficiently, saving you the cost and hassle of replacing it entirely.

With our UK-based repair centre specialising in comprehensive third-party repair services (including advanced replacements) for telecom equipment and the world’s largest collection of green telecoms market equipment at our fingertips, we’re trusted by network operators globally to ensure things run smoothly and cost-effectively. We repaired over 12,000 products last year alone and we have 1 million parts available right now from our inventory.

Redefining circuit board level repairs

Our commitment to excellence extends to our facilities, which include a cutting-edge BGA rework station. In the realm of electronics, rework refers to the delicate process of installing or de-installing components, such as ICs, on a printed circuit board. Unlike some repair centres that prematurely deem a board “beyond economic repair,” we invest the time and effort to truly understand the defect. This approach results in a significantly higher proportion of parts being repaired, allowing us to maintain one of the industry’s lowest BER (Beyond Economic Repair) rates – less than 5%.

In an industry where network efficiency is the linchpin of success, partnering with us is a decision you won’t regret. Our specialised knowledge, extensive expertise and commitment to sustainability set us apart. Experience the TXO advantage and supercharge your network’s efficiency today. Your network deserves nothing less than the best.