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Discover how our global journey has been shaping up!

As the main player in sustainable telecom network hardware and asset management services, team TXO is all about being your friendly local partner in sustainable networks with a global reach. Join us as we share some updates on how our expansion journey in Sweden and further afield has been going!

Why Sweden?

Together with reducing our carbon footprint, setting up a TXO hub in Sweden (which opened in April 2022) was a direct response to the strong growth and customer demand we’ve experienced in the Nordic region. Sweden also holds a special place in our history, as it was one of the first places outside the UK where we began to recover surplus networking assets. Plus, it’s just an awesome place and we love it there!

Check out our operations in Eskilstuna, Sweden

Empowering you with local, sustainable telecom solutions

We’ve been steadily expanding our operations globally over the past few years so we can bring green telecom market solutions even closer to our customers. We’ve opened hubs in Australia, Brazil, France, the USA, and most recently our site in Eskilstuna, Sweden. And we’re not stopping there.

Simply put, being closer to our customers allows us to be more efficient in our operations, reducing the number of miles that equipment needs to travel in order to support the circular economy and extend its life cycle. This contributes to huge CO2 savings and faster lead times, which is great for you and the planet.

We’ve been growing in Sweden

Our circular economy model for building and maintaining sustainable telecom networks is really taking off across the Nordics (and around the world). So much so, in 2023 we extended our Eskilstuna warehouse to include over 600 pallet locations.

Meaning we can now recover even more kit than ever before, which can then be restored to its former glory and sent back out to work for operators across the region who partner with us on their circular economy goals.

Our strong partnerships in Sweden

Over the years, we’ve established strong partnerships with many of the region’s leading telecommunications companies. However, don’t just take our word for it! Watch this video featuring Telia Company, a long-standing Swedish client of ours, to see how they contribute to the circular economy, saving money and reducing CO2 emissions.

Benefits for our customers

Our expansion into Sweden brings numerous benefits to our customers. It encourages and supports international trade, allowing us to take on additional, larger asset recovery projects. This means that there is more sustainable telecom equipment available for our customers worldwide. And because our operations are physically closer to our clients throughout Scandinavia, it cuts the carbon footprint that would’ve come about through transportation.

Speaking with our ‘man on the ground’ in Sweden – Fulvio Grosso, he shares our belief that the potential for the ever-expanding green market remains significant here.

“Our Swedish facility allows us to get closer to our growing customer base in the Nordics, as demand for sustainable telecom network solutions continues to grow. Our hub is also a strategic move and helps to keep our operational emissions as low as possible, aligning with our commitment to sustainability.”

Expansion beyond Sweden – Can we ‘rinse and repeat’ this model globally?

The answer is yes, most definitely! Our growth is not limited to the Nordics. We’ve also been investing in our facilities worldwide. For instance, we’ve recently doubled the size of our warehouse in France, effectively increasing our stock capacity twofold. This growth enables us to purchase telecom network equipment in greater quantities, reducing operational costs and offering cost-effective solutions to our customers.

In the UK, our warehouse in Solihull grew by more than 585 extra pallet locations last year, in addition to our 2 main warehouses that sit with our head office in beautiful Chepstow on the Wales/England border. This expansion allows us to continually meet our customers’ increasing demand for specialist network solutions, and we’re determined to go even further!

What’s next for TXO?

Reflecting on our progress since we first opened up in Sweden, we are confident in moving closer to our vision of becoming the world’s local partner in sustainable communication networks. We’re set to continue expanding our capabilities for customers, taking on larger projects, and creating more opportunities for reuse, locally. Wherever you are!

Exciting plans are on the horizon as we continue to expand our local footprint in Australia, mainland Europe, and North America. Stay tuned for more updates.

Check out our video on the future of telecoms and see the difference that a more global circular economy can make.

About the author

David Evans

Head of Asset Recovery & Services

David joined us in 2014 as a Services Sales Manager, managing the UK & APAC region before being promoted to Head of the division in 2019. David is responsible for the group services sales stream and asset recovery business unit, furthering our commitment to sustainability and the circular economy.