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We’re proud to help BT Group in their circular networks sustainability drive



Our partnership moves ageing, legacy equipment from telephone exchanges into the circular economy as BT Group targets a circular tech and telco ecosystem

TXO and BT Group today announced that they have extended their long-standing strategic partnership that will see TXO reuse, resell and recycle legacy equipment from telephone exchanges across the UK.

In an effort to reduce e-waste and carbon footprint BT Group’s Exchange Clearance Operation (ECO) programme, will see ageing, inefficient networks closed down, allowing the business to downsize the number of buildings it has and move its customers onto new, energy efficient, high-speed mobile and fibre networks.

The partnership between BT Group and TXO supports the Group’s Manifesto pledge to build towards a circular BT Group by the end of March 2031 and a circular tech and telco ecosystem by the end of March 2041.

Peter Bell, Managing Director for Fixed Network at BT, said:

“I’m delighted that BT has extended its partnership with asset management service providers like TXO. As we accelerate the closure of our legacy networks and downsize our estate, having a trusted partner that knows our company inside out and supports our commitment to sustainability is invaluable.

“The partnership is good for the environment and good for the sustainability of our business. It supports our commitment to address the rising e-waste challenge and support the circular economy while simultaneously extracting maximum value from the equipment removed, consolidating the footprint of our estate and reducing our energy consumption from redundant and less efficient infrastructure.”

Darren Pearce, Group CEO at TXO, said:

“TXO has been working with BT Group for 15 years and built up an extensive knowledge of its network and associated operations. We are strongly placed to help BT Group efficiently remove the equipment it no longer needs and maximise the financial return through the circular economy.

“It is impressive how much infrastructure BT Group has to manage across the UK to provide its customers with a quality service. Decommissioning equipment on this scale, while ensuring reliable service continues, is a huge, multi-year process. This agreement will allow us to make further investments in the resources and skills required to meet the growing demand for BT Group’s decommissioning programmes across the UK and beyond.”

Customers of TXO will now benefit from the vast portfolio of networking equipment platforms that it will be able to offer to the global refurbishment market on behalf of BT Group. Additionally, TXO’s approach to decommissioning BT Group’s legacy networks provides learning and insight for other network operators as they begin to tackle this sizeable task.