The Ericsson Optical Multi Service Access device (OMS) can be repaired in our third party repair centre. It is a compact access device accommodating just 1RU (rack unit) in height for standard 19″ rack.

It can support STM-1 for uplink purposes and has interfaces that can support E1s as well as 10/100/1000 GE.  In fact, it came in two variants which were fixed, one with 4 x Fast Ethernet (as shown in the picture) and the other with single 1x GE.

It is used for network access.

Other models in the range include OMS 860 and also 870 which are also supported for any repair needs

Ericsson OMS 846 Repair Service

The device is also known as part code ZFP10117/1. As with all of our repair services we have developed a test procedure document which is available for inspection. This means that clients can have confidence that the device will be tested according to an agreed regime post repair in order to avoid any surprises at the point of installation. Clients can also request bespoke tests to be performed if desired.


Ericsson OMS 846 Access Device in the TXO repair centre


To discuss your needs for repair of Ericsson OMS 846 , 860 and 870 systems please contact us.

TXO has no formal affiliation with Ericsson in relation to repair services.