The Quad Small Form Factor Pluggable is used in the data centre to interface hardware to fibre allowing for 4×10 Gbit/s transmission. QSFP and QSFP28 optical transceivers are compact, hot-pluggable telecoms modules used for data communications applications.

The later QSFP28 format allows for 4×28 Gbit/s. The TXO Optics range of QSFP and QSFP28 optical transceivers is comprehensive and meets the standards for usage for Ethernet, Fibre Channel Protocol and SONET/SDH set forth in MSA (multi source agreement). QSFP28 is available from TXO Optics in LR4, CWDM4, CLR4 and SR4 variants. Digital optical monitoring/digital diagnostics (DOM/DDI) is available via MDIO device per MSA.

With an increasing demand for faster data transmission, high data-rate optics such as QSFP28 modules are becoming more and more popular. Read more about QSFP28 on our high speed optical transceivers page.


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TXO Optics’ QSFP and QSFP28 Optical Transceivers: Fast Facts

  • Significant cost savings compared with OEM supply. For some QSFP modules the difference can be many hundreds of EUR/USD for a single module
  • Transparent quoting process
  • Stock holding in USA and Europe for rapid delivery anywhere in the world
  • MSA (Multi-Source Agreement) standards compliant optical transceivers
  • Fully tested for intended host system at our telecoms test lab before dispatch
  • Backed by a comprehensive 3 year advance replacement warranty
  • The use of QSFP and QSFP28 optical transceivers does NOT void equipment warranty