The use of compatible optical transceivers within telco networks, both on the client side and on the line side, is becoming much more commonplace. This is because of the considerable cost saving and flexibility benefits that compatibles can offer.

TXO Optics is at the forefront of compatible optical transceiver coding, testing and customisation. We provide the highest quality, 3 year warrantied and 100% compatible optical transceivers, supplied for all form factors and across all platforms including CFP, CFP2 and CFP4, Copper SFP, SFPSFP+, QSFP and QSFP28, XFP, X2 and XENPAK, at a fraction of the cost of vendor branded equivalents.


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  • Significant cost savings compared with OEM supply. In some cases hundreds or even thousands of EUR/USD on a single module
  • Transparent quoting process
  • Stock holding in USA and Europe for rapid delivery anywhere in the world
  • MSA (Multi-Source Agreement) standards compliant
  • Sourced from the same manufacturers supplying the big brand vendors and comprehensively tested in TXO’s in-house lab to ensure 100% compatibility
  • Customers can order optical transceivers according to their special requirements, and even re-design the product label according to their specification


Purchase compatible optical transceivers with confidence

  • 100% compatible with ALL networking and Telecom brands across Ethernet SDH/SONET/OTN/DWDM optical, MPLS/IP, Carrier Ethernet
  • Fully tested for intended host system at our test lab which is stocked with the most comprehensive range of OEM equipment found anywhere
  • All of our transceivers come with a comprehensive 3 year advance replacement warranty
  • The use of compatible optical transceivers does NOT void your equipment warranty
  • As part of the testing program customers may receive no-obligation samples for evaluation purposes


Our optical transceiver modules are 100% tested

We take reliability and quality even further by conducting 100% pre-testing within a simulation of the client’s host system in TXO’s telecoms testing lab, followed by in-system testing within critical and/or non-critical parts of the client’s network to certify that our compatible optical transceivers will work in your system. This goes over and above the level of testing that OEMs and indeed other major vendors can offer because they do not have the required telecoms network equipment to hand and in some cases never actually touch the product.


Compatible transceivers will not invalidate vendor warranty on the host device

Most of the OEMs that provide optical transceivers and other interconnection peripherals do not manufacture in house, they simply buy from specialist third parties. They then use various mechanisms such as connectivity standards, cabling types and vendor codes to try to lock the customer in. In the case of transceiver vendor codes these are characters stored within on board chips used to identify compatible hardware. If the compatible optical transceiver returns an incorrect code then the host device will not recognise it and refuse to operate or issue a warning. By law, vendors cannot stipulate that only branded parts be used within the target system in order to retain warranty validity. The threat of void warranty is a commonly sold misconception designed to protect the vendor’s sales channel and is almost never available in writing.


Try TXO Optics compatible optical transceivers for free

Get a free trial of any TXO Optics compatible optical transceiver to test in your own network to see the many benefits of our compatible optics for yourself. For more details, simply tell us the manufacturer specific part numbers you’re interested in and we’ll get back to you promptly with details about the compatible version.