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Telecoms equipment test and repair

TXO Systems is proud to offer, through its acquisition of MMX Communications, a wide portfolio of test and repair services for telecom network equipment. This covers the full spectrum of fixed, mobile, LAN, WAN, CATV and broadband technologies. View a list of our repair capabilities in more detail on the MMX website.

Our test and repair expertise stretches from minor issues like worn out components, through to repairing more serious malfunctions at revision level. Equally, we are experienced working with current catalogue equipment as well as rare and legacy platforms. Whatever the issue, TXO can help with your requirement rapidly. And even better, we can perform our services (which include staging, screening, refurbishment, testing and repair) in-house rather than being an aggregated service.

Our commitment to flexibility, quality and service enables us to tailor our offering to meet the specific requirements of each customer. Test and repair projects can be conducted as unique one-off items or as a group-wide solution across multiple platforms and in large volumes. Don’t delay, sample our test and repair capabilities to discover the benefits of our service.


Telecom hardware repair capabilities

  • Core, switching & transmission (PDH, SDH, DWDM, IP/MPLS)
  • Ethernet
  • GSM
  • Microwave
  • UHF/VHF/DAB radio
  • Access & CPE
  • CATV
  • Telemetry, monitoring & control equipment
  • UPS/power equipment
  • and much more


Service highlights

  • Experience with current catalogue and legacy “end-of-life” telecom platforms
  • In-house repair capabilities
  • Testing and repairing equipment down to component and revision level
  • Testing performed in a live network environment
  • Fast repair turnaround times (5-20 day TAT) from point of receipt
  • Project management
  • Stock dimensioning using intelligent platforms and TXO Systems stock


Telecoms testing

We know that effective telecoms test and repair regimes are vital to ensure stock is in good working condition, to preserve the asset and maximise its operational life. TXO undertake a wide variety of specialist tests in our purpose built testing laboratories in line with the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) specification to meet the requirements of our clients. We provide a flexible and cost effective telecoms screening service for a wide range of parts and have the ability to test and screen modules and complete systems belonging to a vast selection of platforms from leading manufacturers such as Cisco, Juniper, Nokia, Alcatel-Lucent, Ciena, Nortel, Marconi, and Ericsson.


Technical testing capabilities

  • Documented telecoms testing procedures for a wide range of platforms to ensure consistency
  • Utilisation of manufacturer-approved test and measure equipment
  • Sizeable investment in network switching, transmission, access, power to meet customer requirements
  • Where platform capability is not available today, customised testing and repair solutions are available subject to business case
  • We outline our telecoms test and repair capabilities briefly here.


To discuss your requirements or arrange to visit our telecoms testing laboratory, please don’t hesitate to contact us.



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