TXO is recognised globally as a leader in telecoms network asset redeployment and resale, helping clients to achieve the best rates of return for their obsolete and redundant networking equipment.


Telecoms Network Asset Redeployment

Any given batch of telecoms network equipment consigned to TXO will be thoroughly investigated to ensure our clients have a detailed inventory of what equipment type and quantity has been collected in order to help establish whether they should be put up for resale.

That’s why on receipt TXO’s expert team catalogues each and every item by OEM part code, serial number description and hardware revision to build up a complete and transparent picture. The reasons why the clients’ own list may be inaccurate can be to do with the amount of time that has passed since the stock was last audited or simply that the clients’ telecom spare parts inventory has been catalogued by complete system rather than by individual plug in unit/card.

Often the greatest value of the consignment model to the client is the bringing of detailed clarity to any given list of stock. Our clients are able to review the stock list by logging into the i-TRAC™ asset management portal to see detailed inventory in real time. At this point the inventory list can be downloaded from the system and shared with relevant parties inside the client organisation such as finance, procurement and engineering. The wanted item can be called back with the click of a mouse within the i-TRAC™ system and dispatched the same day. Additionally some clients elect to have the module(s) tested prior to dispatch (note that testing is not available for all products and platforms). See further details about our testing capabilities.

Internal re-use has a huge financial benefit to the client organisation particularly in the area of telecommunication equipment parts that are costly or impossible to find elsewhere. Internal re-use is also one of the key principles of the circular economy and is often the first step that an organisation can take towards a more sustainable way of working.


Telecoms Network Asset Resale

With more than 800,000 multi-vendor telecoms network parts in stock, TXO Systems is recognised globally as a leader in fixed line/wireline & mobile/wireless telecoms parts supply.  Our ability to remarket and resell equipment successfully derives from our key strengths below.

  • Extensive global relationships with purchasers from global OEMs, operators, enterprises and trade sales. TXO’s business model is all about forming long term relationships with end user customers.
  • Team of over 50 expert multi-lingual sales people which means that TXO communicates with customers globally thereby increasing the chance of finding a buyer for any given item.
  • Realistic telecoms network asset valuations based on market intelligence to achieve optimum prices within sensible timelines.
  • Significant investment in digital marketing including pay per click (PPC) activity which means that TXO is more likely to find a market for any given item.
  • TXO’s reputation for quality, fast delivery and fair dealing all backed with our standard warranty means that buyers are more likely to choose TXO.
  • Access to both a significant in-house inventory of parts plus a further 2m+ parts through our channel partners.


For more details, please contact us to discuss your requirements or request a quote for the equipment you’d like to sell.