Increasingly customers have been asking TXO to take control of their telecom spare parts management storage (SPMS) because of dissatisfaction with existing solutions provided by logistics providers. Typically customers have found that so-called “dark storage” arrangements whereby telecoms equipment is simply stored at a remote facility is inefficient because they have no integrated mechanism to view equipment inventory or to call-back wanted items. These arrangements are often very rudimentary and rely on manual searching for wanted items across multiple pallets which is costly and wastes time, particularly for critical spare parts.


An efficient, managed storage solution for your telecoms equipment & spare parts

Thanks to a combination of TXO’s very considerable warehousing space availability and robust software tools, customers are discovering a vastly superior telecom spare parts management solution at a comparable cost to standard third party logistics providers.

TXO will collect your telecom equipment and then categorise to part code, serial number, description and hardware revision level. This spare parts inventory will then be made available to the customer via i-TRAC™ (our user-friendly online asset management tool), allowing you to view your telecoms equipment inventory 24/7 and request call-backs.

Many customers also require the item to be tested for functionality before dispatch (subject to platform) and elect to appoint TXO to resell the spare telecom parts that are not required in order to generate credit which can be used to fund the programme, purchase critical spares or to be returned as a cash value.

Turn to us for a telecom spare parts management solution that allows you to spend money only when you need to and always have the parts you demand, without wasting revenue or increasing downtime when something breaks. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.