TXO Systems is here to help you throughout the telecoms network asset recovery process. We hope that these frequently asked questions will help with most queries. If you have a question that isn’t addressed, please contact us and we’ll be happy to answer it.


What are the main benefits of asset recovery?

  • Maximise the value of excess and obsolete assets whilst minimising costs and liabilities
  • Reduce CAPEX by offsetting revenue generated against purchases of new equipment
  • Reduce OPEX by eliminating warehousing costs of obsolete inventory
  • Reduce foot-print in expensive sites along with reducing power consumption
  • Minimise obsolescence costs by converting legacy assets into re-usable inventory, raw material, or cash


What happens if I’m not sure exactly what equipment is in my inventory?

It’s not uncommon for our clients to be unsure about exactly what equipment is unwanted, used, preowned, refurbished or redundant. As part of our OEM approved service, TXO will conduct a full audit of each individual unit by part number and serial number to give you improved stock visibility and the ability to call-back parts at any time.


What type of equipment does TXO Systems purchase?

TXO will buy (and resell) all types of new and used mobile and fixed line telecom network equipment. This spans multiple product and platform types including optical transmission (SDH/SONET and DWDM), routers & switches, GSM/3G/4G/WiMax/LTE, servers, base stations and CPE (customer premise equipment). Having a truly global customer base means that TXO is always interested in many OEM products including Nokia, Siemens, Alcatel-Lucent, Newbridge, Marconi, Ericsson, Motorola, Nortel, Ciena, Juniper, Adva, Huawei, ZTE etc. Please note that this list may not be complete; feel free to send us your telecom inventory list.


Can the OEM stop me/us from selling our surplus equipment?

No, if the equipment is owned by your company outright it is yours to do with as you please. However, check your purchase agreement to see if there are any buy-back arrangements in place first.


Is it safe to sell used hard drives?

Yes. As long as the hard drives are handled correctly and the data is wiped properly it is safe to sell used hard drives. At TXO, all used hard drives are handled with extreme caution and care at all times and are stored under surveillance. You can also rest assured that any data remaining on the hard drive is completely erased using our Blancco data erasure software. The Blancco product exceeded the highest security specifications detailed in the HMG Infosec Standard No: 5 – you can download the Blancco certification fact sheet here. Using these methods ensures that selling used HDD is completely safe with TXO.


Does the volume of my inventory matter?

TXO works with all sizes of inventory providing there is either a resale or recycling value from the parts or in cases where our customers require an efficient inventory management solution. Due to our scale of 135,000 Sq Ft/12,500 m² across our global locations TXO is able to receive or recover consignments from individual parts, cabinets, chassis or even full country/global network de-installations of both mobile and fixed network equipment.


How does TXO calculate how much money my equipment is worth?

By utilising our proprietary software which looks back at historical sales values for individual parts and aggregating market demand, TXO Systems understands the true market value and likelihood of sale of any component being removed from your network. We pride ourselves on offering fair market value and the accuracy of our valuations. Where equipment has no market value, or cannot be refurbished for return to service, TXO Systems offers a comprehensive WEEE recycling service. As Europe’s leading recycler of Telecoms equipment, processing over 250T per month, we are able to extract maximum residual value for component parts broken down in our processing facilities.


Will it cost me anything to sell my equipment to TXO?

No. Our core asset recovery service is completely free-of-charge. There’s no catch. No tricks. No hidden surprises. Just the promise of recovering maximum residual value from your equipment. We do offer a number of chargeable services such as de-installation or data wiping and destruction, but we are upfront about any costs and these can be off-set against income, minimising OPEX. Simply let us know what equipment you have to recover and we will do our best to help. If you want to proceed, we’ll agree terms and finalise your booking.


Will I need to pay the shipping costs to sell my equipment to TXO?

If we both agree to go ahead, TXO will arrange the collection at a convenient time to suit you and we will cover all of the shipping costs.


Is selling equipment a cost-effective way of safe disposal?

Absolutely. All companies are now legally obliged to safely dispose (free of charge) of any electrical equipment that they have under the EU WEEE Directive – so it is certainly a way of ensuring this is done properly.


What are the benefits of the consignment purchase model versus outright purchase?

  • Consignment provides an ongoing revenue stream where you can elect to take the revenue generated either as cash or a credit which the customer can use to re-invest in hardware, services or brand new compatible optics.
  • With the outright purchase model you will get your returns immediately, whereas with consignment it may take longer but customers typically enjoy much higher returns over an extended period.
  • Through the consignment model, all parts remain the customer’s property until sold. Should you wish to call back parts for re-deployment, TXO will repackage them for shipping and route them to you.
  • Customers typically benefit from a higher rate of return via consignment as TXO are not absorbing all of the risk.


Who does TXO resell my old equipment to?

TXO has extensive customer and supplier relationships with end users (from a wide array of disciplines including telecommunications, data centres, oil & gas, government, educational institutions, healthcare organisations and utilities), network operators, and specialist brokers with whom to sell your equipment for the best rates.


How do I find out more information?

To find out what our acclaimed asset recovery services can do for you, please contact us to discuss your requirements or request a quote for the equipment you’d like to sell.